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Method for Training Imposition?

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I have noticed that a few people on the forum with an imposed tupper say that sometimes the lighting is not quite right, it's not perfect, it's not 10/10. I want to be able to have my Tulpa imposed to my satisfaction, and I recently saw a post asking if you can impose objects before your Tulpa is imposed. I am going to try and sort of prepare my mind and train it for imposing my Tulpa by attempting to impose simple objects and perfecting the process before moving on to my Tulpa.


What I would like to hear from all the other Tulpamancers out there is whether you think this is a good idea or if you have tried something similar when doing imposition and have some advice for me when trying this.

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Depends. If you are prone to certain techniques it may be optimal to try this type of training. But it can be the opposite. Than its better to start training imposition with your tulpa, collaborating with your tulpa during the process.

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