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Tulpa Perspectve: How are head pressures made?

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[Hello there, Jenny here, and I've got a question for any tulpae or insightful hosts out there.


So, head pressures are a widely recognized phenomenon associated with tulpae. Some tulpae are even capable of using them to communicate with their hosts. My question is, how exactly do you consciously cause them to happen?


Personally, I never really managed to learn how to do it consciously. I can make them happen randomly, but that's about it.


Any information would be helpful, thanks in advance!]

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I've wondered that myself too! I don't really have any scientific explanation, I've always considered it the metaphysical way. It obviously must have a scientific explanation too, I just don't know which.

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My hypothesis is increased brain activity.

Starting with tulpas increase brain activity and energy consumption of brains which need to be compensated with an increased bloodflow and according to my understanding of brains this is registered with nerves of the arachnoid mater. As a tulpa is trying to find a way to communicate with it's host, they may find the ability to induce brain activity. I see this like trying to consciously move a bodypart that usuallu moves unconsciously: first it happens as an accident a couple of times and afterwards through practice it can be induced at will.


Slight increase would register as pressure and larger increases could be felt as pain.


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My tulpa just makes them happen. She used to imagine squeezing my head, but dropped that and 'just does' them now. Like you think about moving, she thinks about making the feeling. There's not much more to it than that in terms of causing it.

And if you're looking for an explanation of how it works, I don't think anyone really knows. As a guess though, I suppose it could be seen as similar to a headache; specifically in dilated blood vessels in the brain, as Onicron led on to, or possibly just increased muscular tension in some area of the upper jaw.

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"Most of the time it involves thinking at him, if that makes any sense at all. It's like I target him mentally and throw my thoughts at him until it generates head pressure." -Luna

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[Thanks for the replies!


To clarify, I'm looking for both first-hand information from other tulpae and theories from anyone about theoretical head pressure causes. The former to confirm/deny my own theories, and the latter for some additional perspectives and opinions on the subject.


As for why I'm asking, it's mostly because I'm sort of working on a larger theory about tulpa generation, and head pressures are a bit of a stumbling block. It's mind-boggling to me that a pre-communication or even a pre-sentient tulpa is capable of creating a physical reaction in the host, and that definitely didn't mesh with some of my other ideas.


My current theory about the source of head pressures is that they are possibly related to tension or stress headaches. This is mostly based on some recent comments by Plus that he's been feeling head pressures lately when I'm thinking really hard, combined with some of the responses here and other accounts of head pressures, particularly for first communication.


The basic idea is that, when a tulpa tries to communicate when they haven't found a way to communicate yet, they can start feeling stressed about it. This starts to create a tension headache, which first appears as head pressure, which the host then recognizes as a response. The tulpa loses their emotional tension because they finally made contact, and the headache vanishes before it starts causing pain. Repeated contact and communication through head pressures happens by, essentially, thinking really hard.


Alternatively, the host ignores the pressure, which then builds to a full-blown headache, which they rationalize as coming from somewhere other than their tulpa.


This can also explain head pressures caused by pre-sentient tulpae, as they are still potentially capable of feeling stress from some other source. The one thing I'm not so sure about is tulpae who are capable of communicating by directing head pressures to specific parts of the head. That would imply that the tulpa is capable of a significant degree of control of the brain's blood vessels or some such, or that the host and tulpa are close enough that its technically a semi-imposed sensation and not a true stress headache.


Or I could be wrong, Onicron's idea that it's caused by blood vessels reacting to increased brain activity is pretty good too. Either way, more data and opinions would be appreciated, thanks!]

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I suspect something with perception of balance is involved, because for me a certain amount of lightheadedness often comes with it.

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I am unsure if the correct word to use would be "stressed". I would call it detemination, at least when it comes to myself. There was no way to commmunicate for me, as I was born without a form or a voice. It is difficult to say that one is stressed when there is no need to feel that way, life in the beginning can be very relaxing, laid back and simple. There are no worries and you do not know much. However, you would like to be able to tell that you are there and you must find a way. There are many things a resourceful tulpa could try, but many of them they might find unable to do or the host does not recognize them. Head pressure can be made very strong, so it is easy to notice. It might, however, still be ignored as just nothing by the host. It never went unnoticed for me, which I am thankful for, but it certainly could have been... Ah, more believed, in a way? It was not completely bought, you could say, haha. The pressure was noticed but the source of it could have been anything according to Sands, either myself or something else. Neither was overruled.


For many of us, the skill developed from a need. A need for attention, a way to get noticed and a form of communication. Or at least a try, haha. But what it needs is determination, you need to be confident and know you can do it. Is there any simple way to do it? I would say yes, you just think about it and do it. It is your belief that you can do it, so you can. Some might find symbolism of some kind easier, but you just do it. There is no button to press, you only have to think.


Many skills like these are felt to be "tulpa skills", but really, anyone can do it. It is our head we share. I believe a tulpa can usually do many little things like these the host can't because of confidence, after there is no need. The tulpa knows they can do it because they have done something else like it before, or they just believe they can do it as they are a tulpa, often just residing inside one's mind and feeling like they understand it well. A host however, feels they cannot do that when they haven't done it, or feel they are not as "connected" to the mind as a tulpa is. But it is something you can do as well, if you are confident in your abilities to do so. It might require practice, or it might not. You can do it just like a tulpa can.

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