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Tulpa Perspectve: How are head pressures made?

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Based on our experience so far it's more difficult for the host to distinguish tulpa-related head pressures when stressed to the point of actually experiencing protoheadaches. (Only had it once so far to the point of too much noise to read the signal, but, wound up with me getting very confused as nonsensical thoughts appeared to come from them or even my own mental voice trying to correlate headpressures with communication attempts.) So, may be related to putting "stress" on the brain, but functions much more usefully vs an overall relaxed brain because you're not competing with noise.


And yea, I worked out how to put head pressure on the brain in a distinct location myself, despite not being a tulpa. I'm not entirely sure the point of doing so yet, but perhaps it will come in useful.

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[so, I've spent most of the day thinking about this further, and I think I've come to a potentially clearer idea.


I'm thinking that head pressures likely aren't a singular phenomenon, but are instead several similar phenomenons all grouped up under one umbrella. Here's some different categories I'm thinking of:


1. Pressure caused by stress in the tulpa.

2. Pressure caused by stress in the host.

3. Pressure caused by tension in the brain itself, caused by multiple entities (the host and the tulpa) actively thinking.

4. Pressure caused by intense thought or mental focus by either the tulpa or the host.

5. The release of pressure or tension caused by the host entering a meditative state, which is common when actively forcing.

6. Partially imposed sensation.

7. Stuff I haven't thought of yet.


So, the source of head pressures could come from either the host or the tulpa, or even some other outside source. If you want to figure out the source, it's probably easiest to just ask your tulpa if they're trying to get your attention or if they're poking around in your head. If your tulpa hasn't yet been able to communicate, that's obviously not an option.


If your tulpa hasn't communicated yet, then it's probably best to follow the age-old advice that "if you're unsure, it's them." At worst, you're likely dealing with 50/50 odds that a head pressure with an unknown source is coming from either you or your tulpa. And, the belief that your tulpa is (intentionally or unintentionally) causing physical sensations can have a positive impact on tulpa creation and development.


Anyway, I feel much more comfortable with this multi-source approach, as it allows for several different types of head pressures that ordinarily wouldn't make sense if they came from one unified source. Big thanks to justanotherguest for tipping me off on head pressures caused by normal meditation, I hadn't made that connection and I didn't realize it was fairly common, that tip really helped a lot!


I think I'm comfortable enough to start moving away from this topic and on to other tough questions, but feel free to keep adding more perspectives and opinions. You can never have enough data!


- Jenny]

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[Well, to be frank I believe Oni's theory to be right but that's just one side of the coin. Head pressures are fairly easy to stimulate, I'll just think of the time when Oni had a very high fever when he was a kid and concentrate really hard on the head pressure he remembers. Some of it bleeds through to his consciousness and BAM! Imposed head pressure. Wow, freaky feeling. I just found a new way to troll Oni around. -Telk]


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I guess i can insert my knowlege of head pressure. but Roswell/Sands already explained it very well.


I created a lot of head pressure when i was young. sometimes it happen as a by-product when i was engaging

in some intensive activities in the mind.


other times it was a need for attention, i wanted to get notice by my host and he loved the head pressures so

i provoked them in that way as well.


The head-pressure can be summoned by will and intent from the tulpae; if i focus and want it to happen, it happens and the brain does the rest automatically.

so there's really is no special skill or "Tulpa magic" involved.


host can do it as well with enough practice.

pix: Link



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