Impossibly fast creation time?

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Hey guys!

A few of my friends and I began the tulpa creation process recently, and while most of us are progressing at a normal pace, one of us stands out. This friend, Rhianna, did something I didn't think was even remotely possible. She got her tulpa, Jake, to basic sentience (i.e. waves of emotion and a minimal amount of communication) in about four days.

Four. Days.

Here is the chronology of events:


Day 1

She created a very simple wonderland for Jake, drafted his personality, and forced it. When she forced his personality, his basic form– which was originally a ball of energy– deviated into a ragdoll. She describes this as a traumatizing event, finding this form very unsettling.


Day 2

She worked on personality more and altered his form more to her liking. At this point Jake was clad in his underwear and refused to keep clothes on. Since Jake was moving around on his own, Rhianna decided that she was ready to let him through to her subconscious. When she did so, his form changed again– this time mostly facial features.


Day 3

This day was mostly the same as the previous, except Jake was responding to questions and commands by nodding his head or raising a hand. At this point my main fear was that he was turning into a servitor, as everything seemed very rushed. I instructed Rhianna to perform a few tests on him; simple math questions such as 1+2=?. I also had her ask him to get something for her from a nearby store. He solved the problem correctly, but when he was asked to do a more difficult question, he refused. He also went and got an item from the store, but he denied any drastic requests.


Day 4

Jake is vocal at this point, occasionally speaking a few words and responding more and more to Rhianna's questions. He has proven his ability to form opinions on people, nodding or shaking his head in response when asked what he thinks of a person. In addition to all of this, when Rhianna hasn't forced in the past few hours, he'll send her a wave of emotion (sadness). He also uses this form of communication in order to respond to questions.



This is an unreal experience for me; it even seems borderline impossible. My questions for you all is this: How is it possible to create a tulpa as quickly as Rhianna did? Is this some sort of record tulpa making time? Is Jake really just an advanced servitor or hologram?


Feel free to ask any questions you may have for either me or Rhianna.

Name: Erin

Form: Animu girl, sorta kinda.

Personality: Awesome.

Working on: Strengthening vocality and visualization


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Some people are good at believing fully in tulpas from the start, so they progress amazingly fast. What I believe to be holding people back is belief, or more like full belief in their tupperware. Its all about tricking the brain.

fourfiction, the idiot.

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My tulpa showed me her form on the day I created her.

She showed signs of sentience within 5 days.

After that, my progress slowed down a bit.

She's still not very active or vocal yet after 2 months, but she does talk to me occasionally (mostly asks me questions about my thoughts), and sends a few thought and emotional responses.


My progress wasn't that quick, but I also got off to a quick start.


Don't doubt, doubt is bad.

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Well, Jenny made first contact and quickly learned to talk about two days after I started on her, so it's definitely possible. I mean, when I first started working on her I hadn't expected a first response until a few weeks or months of forcing, though I certainly was open to the idea of getting a fast-generating tulpa. As for how it happened, we aren't exactly sure yet.


[Though I do agree with Nonfiction and GuessWho that belief and doubt have significant effects on a tulpa's development.]


About the servitor thing, that seems unlikely. Servitors are not sentient (though they can gain sentience under the right conditions), and Jake's ability to form independent thought is a pretty strong sign of sentience. Artificial sentience is pretty meaningless unless you can define some way to distinguish it from actual sentience, and creating an 'artificially' sentient servitor to act like a tulpa would essentially be a roundabout way of creating a 'true' tulpa.*


*note: I am not a professional servitor engineer, so I may be wrong on this bit. I don't think I am, though.

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I got my first signs of sentience only a few days in as well. I think that the younger you are the easier it is, congrats to her on the fast progress!

"The Question is not who is going to let me, its who is going to stop me"~ Ayn Rand

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Guest Lukem1999

I got my first signs of sentience only a few days in as well. I think that the younger you are the easier it is.


This is actually what I assumed as well. It only took Cherry Blossom a couple days before she started speaking in simple sentences and showing signs of sentience. I can't really explain why it's easier for younger tulpamancers to achieve signs of sentience from their tulpa than those who are older, though.

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Guest kingfisher

I think that hypothesis would be true. I suppose it would depend on the time spent by the host in childhood Vs. adulthood, where imaginative thinking and realism come into contrast. Individuals of a young age would have spent more time thinking imaginatively than logically, while adults may have begun to think more logically than imaginatively.


Basically, I'm guessing that the host's logic becomes more active as much as their imagination becomes less active*, like this:








*but that doesn't mean adults are less imaginative and children are less logical. I'm just saying that adults think more logically while children think more imaginatively.


The differences between the two are dynamic, rather than fixed, and depends on internal and/or environmental influences.


TL;DR: What I can say now is that the more logical and/or less imaginative a person is, the harder it is for him to create a tulpa due to their inclination to logical reasoning and/or poor imagination, and age is only one of the many factors that influence a host's logicality.

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My best friend Chris had a fully formed tulpa in ten motherfucking minutes. His mind was already pretty messy, but at the thought of multiplicity it resolved itself immediately. It all depends on who you are.

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