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So I've had my tupper for 3 years and just now noticed something

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First off, I want to say she is the best accident and/or event to ever happen to me, but something bothers me.


I read the vast majority of tulpamancers CREATE their tulpa from scratch. Well, mine came to me in a near sleep state and I had to fight with myself to reply back. Took me a couple hours to get communication down completely but ehh.


This was before I knew what tulpae were, not that I shunned her in any way. Thought she was cool. Thing is, she was already sentient, vocal and had a form, name, background of "whatever she did before she met me" and all that.


Question 1: Is this normal?


Question 2: I've noticed by finally getting around to reading the guides rather than just living with her day by day that she's either timid or her personality isn't that diverse as other tuppers I've seen her. I'd like to be able to help her with any problems she has, as she has done for me countless times. How do I go about personality training when she's already sentient, has a personality that's -somewhat- advanced. Should I look through traits and see what she likes and collaborate with her?


Really just wondering if I have an underdeveloped tulpa that I'm afraid I might offend when attributing traits to her. After 3 years I could really expect an "I'm not good enough for you yet?" I just want her to grow man so hopefully things will move at a decent rate instead of a snail's pace.



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Since she is already sentient, she can give you input on what she agrees and disagrees with. Talk to her about it and try to come to an understanding with her about it. Ask her to show you what your trying to find out. She just might surprise you.

Tulpa: Mary

Sex: Female

Began 11-16-12

Stage: Sentient- working on a voice

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Just like people can be timid, tulpas can be timid. In fact, since she is already sentient, and has been existing for three years, any personality you'd like to add would probably be useless, because she should have already deviated in that time to match up closer with your subconscious. I wouldn't worry at all about her being "underdeveloped" or anything. She's fine.


One thing does pique my interest, though:


>background of "whatever she did before she met me"


What do you mean? The only other time I have ever heard of someone's tulpa having a background/history other than "I am a tulpa you have created", it was a disaster with identity issues and missing the people and life from the tulpa's fake history.

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We were 18, and she just appeared to me in one of them near sleep states. The form was there, the voice kept goin' at it and I learned in a couple hours how to call her and whatnot. Lots of talking ensued. She has a memory of everything she did in those 18 years aside from stuff before she was 4 years old.


I actually asked about the IRC and they said that if she can communicate with her "birth parents" and I can meet them as well then I have an autonomic wonderland, but we don't really use a wonderland as much as open-eye. Perhaps tulpa or at least some lesser forms have come and gone throughout the years, not all with forms, but usually sentient, vocal, and malicious. More like NPCs I guess.


As far as identity issues are concerned, we simply treat each other as their own person. It's not that hard. What is hard about them having a past is that it's usually a pretty bad if not tragic past, most likely because subconscious holds crazy bad stuff you don't have access to.

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1. Well, you'd have to define what normal is. Pretty much everyone here has a different story about how they got or how they work on their tulpa(e). Your story doesn't sound too far off from most unintentional tulpa creation stories I've heard.


2. [Well, as far as my personal theories go, a pre-sentient or newly sentient tulpa's personality is easily moulded by the host's input because they do not yet have a strong sense of identity. An older tulpa like yours likely does have a firmly established identity, so it's unlikely that simply applying traits would work like it does when making a new tulpa. I'm not saying its impossible, but it would take some work from both you and your tulpa to get anything to stick. Or, so I think anyway.]


Alternatively, you can do the kinds of things that can cause anyone to change their behavior and personality. New experiences, new beliefs or ideas, new goals or desires, and time.

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There are many ways to create a tulpa. There is really no "normal" way, unless you class the experimental stuff the Tibetan monks do as "normal"?


Some tulpas take a very long time to develop, as long as nine years even (my experience). Other tulpas become sentient much faster.


Everyone is different. Thus every tulpa is also different. It is perfectly o.k. to be shy. Heck, it's better then being paranoid - which I suffer from, from time to time.


I'm not much good at helping. Perhaps if I just tell you what I've found recently with my attempts it will help. My tulpa Nobillis took only a few months to become sentient and autonomous. I've been pondering why she developed so quickly, and the answers I have so far are :


1) She learned from me by accessing my memories.

2) She has a Memory House to live in (a particular kind of wonderland) which keeps her autonomous.

3) My older tulpas help her out.

4) She's learned by talking to humans and other tulpas (e.g. on the #tulpa.info chat).

5) For Nobillis possession (just hands) is somewhat easier because she is helped by preexisting touch-typing reflexes in the body (as a metaphor, think of a "ready-prepared tulpa to keyboard" interface).


Tell Ayako, "hi" from me, if you would be so kind.




Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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