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[split] Combining forces with Dreamviews?

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Guest Lanpc
Lanpc Wrote:

They'd be glad to add us on as a subforum as tulpa.info is literally the best database for tulpae.


Really? I'd love to see an administrator of sort talking about this.


I pulled this out of my ass at the point of writing, but I am told that there are DV admins on tulpa.info who can chime in.


Judging by the 'Tulpa Land' subforum getting a massive ~300 views on progress reports and at most 1,500 on Fennec's progress report, I can tell there's already a huge amount of interest in tulpas.


Really? [Just realized you were being sarcastic, point still stands however]


...Is this really what you think? 300 views means that there is a huge amount of interest? I think since you're on the inside it looks more popular than it actually is. Let's put this into perspective, these are some of the most "popular" posts in TulpaLand, most of which are logbooks:



Linkzelda: 5 months old - 551 views http://www.dreamviews.com/tulpa-land/137658-linkzeldas-workbook.html


Insideout : 4 months old - 309 views



Coolb3rt : 5 months - 428



Nephanim : 5 months - 427



Fennecgirl (most popular) : 5 months - 1421



The unifying factor in all of these threads is that they're logbooks and they were made a long time ago. At the time I wrote this, there were exactly 4 new threads made in the last 2 weeks. 2 of which were log books, and 3 that were started by the same guy. In all the top threads it's mostly just Fennecgirl commenting.


Is that what you call interest in tulpae? Are you saying TulpaLand is a better resource for the DV users than tulpa.info? There is literally 0 discussion in that sub-forum, it's mostly littered with log posts of people who either have tulpae or people who just stopped updating. There is a total of 1 creation guide, that has outdated information (http://www.dreamviews.com/tulpa-land/137655-tulpa-creation-guide.html ).


There is one guide that deals with possession, and it's exactly what Oguigi posted here. (http://www.dreamviews.com/tulpa-land/139161-possession-starter-guide-tulpa-guide-become-possessed-your-tulpa.html )


There also happens to be, wait for it, A DATABASE!! Oh wait all it is, is a list of 17 people and the name of their tulpa, oh darn.


If there was growing interest in tulpae is that what you would want to show them? A sub-forum with *gasp* 1 creation guide, 1 misc guide, 0 discussion, 4 active users, and 15 logbooks? Tulpa land isn't even part of DV, it's a user run forum thrown in at the bottom of the page.


DV is an amazing resource for learning about lucid dreaming.


That is it's main purpose, but do you seriously think none of the skills involved in both tulpa creation and LD overlap? I have been into meditation/visualization/sensory awareness/LD and that sort of thing for a long time. To me the tulpa creation process was a joke, as I already had the skills needed. Look around in the Guides section, all of these guides [except the possesion one] are basically the exact same thing: Beginner meditation skills. Stuff that you learn from day 1 trying to learn to LD. The same is true for the opposite too. Because I have a tulpa, LDing for me has become incredibly easy [Just get the tulpa to wake you up]. You think all of the beginner LDers will pass up a chance to get an easy LD?


The only thing that I could see happening is DreamViews officially endorsing tulpa.info with a link at the top of their Tulpa Land subforum.


This could be a good idea, if they had an official Tulpa Sub-forum. Tulpa Land is a user run sub that is barely noticeable at the bottom. A better Idea would be to put it into Beyond Dreaming/Deep Dreaming and link to tulpa.info. Or make a whole subsection devoted solely to Tulpa [very unlikely unless interest in tulpae is massive, but given that a lot of DV is beginner LDers they might be interested in tulpae too knowing that it helps with LDs].





I'm no longer sure why I wrote this up [lol]. I just mentioned in passing that it would be useful to both communities if they combined, and next thing you know i'm trying to defend something I don't fully endorse. Well it's always good to discuss things I guess.

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...Is this really what you think? 300 views means that there is a huge amount of interest? I think since you're on the inside it looks more popular than it actually is. Let's put this into perspective, these are some of the most "popular" posts in TulpaLand, most of which are logbooks:


That was sarcasm. Note the italicized "huge".

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Guest Lanpc


That was sarcasm. Note the italicized "huge".


Wow WHOOOOOOSH, I feel silly now. Point still stands. If the Tulpa Land sub forum wasnt shit, and it wasnt thrown in at the bottom of the page as a user sub, The interest in tulpae might be much higher.


If the first time you heard of tulpae was from Tulpa Land, would you be interested?

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I don't think it's possible to merge with Dreamviews because if you want to have a general overview on how people react to it, their IRC is usually apathetic and often consider those who have a tulpae to be full of delusional dissonance and all sorts of insults.


It's ironic though since that forum itself is part of a concept (Lucid Dreaming) that's just saturated with manipulating, moderating, and embracing hallucinations, solipsism, dream guides, and other abstract things. There's no point having a merge between a forum with people willing to go to such lengths to induce lucidity to meet their dream guides, spirit guides, and what have you only to have them thinking people with tulpae are crazy.


Personally, I see Dreamviews as a way to learn more about thought-forms (which tulpae essentially are). In terms of getting better in knowing yourself in your dreams, I would presume that would make things productive, or give a person coming on tulpa.info more awareness in possibly imposing their tulpae easily.


And I agree with the site (Dream Views) not being active at all, newcomers only come there to learn basic concepts, and then leave when they have enough assurance. I know most forums usually are like that, but this forum always has something interesting (or at least has the potential) to know more about tulpae. Honestly, coming from Dream Views myself and learning about aspects of myself in dreaming, Tulpa.info is merely me taking thought-forms in my dreams (dream characters), and redefining that concept into reality.


Tulpa.info should just be distinct compared to Dream Views, although I do feel kind of of a hypocrite since I persuaded Alyzarin to fund the Tulpa Land subforum since she was also interested in the concept (at least the wonderland). Anyway, just my two cents.




EDIT: And being a moderator from that subforum has been pretty okay, no one really trolls over since the forum does try to be "tolerable" to subforums (since it's paid after all). I try to make sure that anyone that goes there has the assurance that it's their decision to do this and to give practical explanations if they're concerned their religion or medium of faith might skew their progress in tulpaforcing.


Ninja Edit: And most of those responses are through PMs, so it's not apparent on the actual sub-forum



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Guest Lanpc

Honestly I'm starting to regret even mentioning this in passing. I actually like tulpa.info, seems more personal in a way [compared to DV that is]. That being said a merge was out of the question to begin with I guess. A collab of some sort would be nice as some of the LDers on DV are incredible at a lot of mind related stuff (sivason, sageous, etc.) and they could teach a lot to this community. If it means losing what this place has become, however, then it's not worth it. If people still have Ideas then feel free to discuss them in this thread, but I'm done defending a position I wasn't wholeheartedly behind to begin with.

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