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Tulpa face makers


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Broseph Stalin



Used the eye wrinkles because hell if I know how to replicate constant grumpy irritability with this thing

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It's Raziel with a creepy grin.


Why did I do this again ?







''I mold my imagination as if it were clay''.

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Guest Anonymous_






(She's purple all over o_o)



This was fun, but they need to do something about the eyes. I hate you you can't color just the iris, but instead it's the entire eye.

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This is roughly what Chael looks like. I used the generator for the cube, since it allowed for more ear types, and edited the ear color and put in the horns in Photoshop~


Me~ (Kita on the left, Cart on the right)







System Name: The Z Squad


Original: Zoe, The Organizer

Gender: Femme Genderqueer, they/them


Headmate: Zach, The Protector

Gender: Male, he/him


Headmate: Zero, The Confidence

Gender: Agender, they/them, he/him


Tulpa: Chael

Gender: Male, he/him

Form: Fallen angel with rabbit features and horns


Tulpa: Celeste

Gender: Female, she/her, they/them

Form: Android

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