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Linkzelda's Motivational Tulpa Guide


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Linkzelda, look at my face and see how disappointed I am at all that subconscious talk. So disappoint, son.


You might want to think of changing all the tulpae to tulpas, too. But, this has good stuff in it and is worth a read an an approval of some sort. The question I have, however, is that is this a guide? I'm not entirely sure about it myself yet, so I would like to see the GAT say what they think. Know that I am going to approve of this, just not sure where I'd put it myself.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I approve. I put a [Misc.] tag on this, though it could potentially go under a different tag. I suppose Guides is as good a place as any for this - it does tell the reader what to do in certain situations in a broadly guide-like way. Mind you, it's not like it couldn't go in Tips too, but Guides would be my first choice. Could use a bit of cleaning up like Sands said I guess, but no big issues I think.

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Guest Anonymous

The plural of tulpa is tulpa. F.D.


"Don't get too saturated with hedonism and happiness, we all want things, we all want something that will make us feel content/happy/at peace"


Good point. One doesn't need desire to be a hedonist. Simply do fun things all the time for the reason they're fun.


Nice closing thoughts. Nice words. Not sure how it will help people who feel no motivation at all. Maybe I missed the part where it helps to start things even when you don't feel like it, and then gradually building a useful habit out of it.

Hedonism bot approval.

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Approved for Tips and Tricks, however it can also work in Guides. The manager can take my vote to belong in either of those categories and shift it accordingly to which is the majority.


Overall I would say that it covers various issues people may have which are tangential to the tulpa creation process, but which shouldn't be ignored as they may impede the process.


I think it should be obvious to most people that they need to sort themselves out, self reflect/introspect and see what issues they have and make various decisions rather than procrastinate or avoid their tulpa.

No guide can really cover all the issues that could potentially arise and the best is for one to learn to think for themselves, or if that isn't an option, get a therapist (or just a friend you trust) and work out those issues (in some cases, a tulpa can help you with those too!).

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I just want to say something... thankyou.

I've been having many troubles with my mental blockage, but I think you're right. I need to take them out one by one... so again I say, thankyou, this truly is inspiring. :)

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