Maverickthecats tulpea backstory and prog report

Which would make a better wonderland pet? (post what your other is).  

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  1. 1. Which would make a better wonderland pet? (post what your other is).

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I heard this PR was good, so I am reading it to learn from.


Kinda turned off by the whole sexual pony graphics, though I can still just ignore them. I think it is because it's in contrast with the cartoon and feels so 'wrong'; I'd have a much easier time hearing about someone sexing their actual animal pony tulpa, or even


Huh. I have a cat named Maverick. This is bizarre.


Welcome aboard, anyhow!


I am now imagining a cat who is attracted to cartoon hedgehogs kissing maverick's sonic tulpa.


I am sure someone pointed this out already but this is not how servitors work. A servitor isn't sentient and therefore can't have an opinion or make its own decisions. Either you are unconsciously parroting him or he is a tulpa already and doesn't know it because of your weird terminology.

PLEASE reconsider what you are doing here. You can't just go around and create people at will just to neglect them later. There is only a limited amount of attention and freedom you can give them and they all have to divide it among each other, so please stop creating more tulpas if you really care for them.




Agreed with the servitor thing... it can't actually want things, even if it says things - that'd make it already sentient.


Disagree with the whole "tulpas have to split attention and freedom up amongst each other"


If they're developed enough, they can sustain themselves, or hang out with -other tulpas.- This only-a-physical-human can sustain tulpas thing is wrong.

My lip hurts.

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