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Have you told your parents?

Did you tell your parents about your tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Did you tell your parents about your tulpa?

    • No and I'm not planning to do it.
    • No but I'm planning to do it.
    • Yes. (Please report their reaction)

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Nope. I keep having to hide the forums whenever they walk through the door. Our father doesn't care that we hide it and our mother will make a (NSFW) joke

about how I could be looking at pornographic images

. I think our father would think of it as some kind of experiment OR purposefully tease us about it where other people can hear (because he can't keep his mouth shut when he's supposed to). No clue how our mother would react though. Perhaps positively, perhaps she'll think they're imaginary friends, not really sure.

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YOUR MOM: "Ooooh Sandra, listen, my son has a little head friend, isn't that adorable?"


SANDRA: "Isn't he a little old to be playing with imaginary friends? Oh hay, my twice divorced neice with those hellian kids just got out of rehab again we should set them up on a little date."


*cackles heard for miles*


Yyyyep. That's totally something that would happen too. XD

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There's a history of mental illness (schizophrenia) on my mom's side of the family. And my dad has had to deal with the repercussions of various people being crazy, such as throwing out furniture, putting peanut butter over electrical outlets, etc.


I don't want to make him worry that I'm going crazy. And I don't think he'd understand the whole tulpa concept. So I plan to just keep it to myself.

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I've thought of telling my mom, she's generally pretty accepting of these things. Not very sure how'd she react though. My dad wuld never understand, but likely wouldn't say much on it cuz he wants a closer relationship with me.


I've told my sister and shes cool with it, she even thought about making one.

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I can't answer the poll because it considers "parents" as if they were a single unit, or at least people who share information. I haven't told my father and don't plan to. I expect he would react badly. I didn't plan to tell my mother, but, as my wife could a year earlier, she could tell I was often deeply involved in a silent conversation with someone from my expressions. She asked some shrewd questions, which I answered honestly.


My mother took the news much better than we were expecting. She was concerned whether having headmates was healthy, but she's mainly accepting if I'm happy. She hasn't pressed for further details and has only brought up the matter once, in passing, since I told her.



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Whoah, talk about necroposting and bringing dead threads back to life!


Misty has told practically everyone about me. Some think it is just another weird quirk of many, some think he has a mental disorder and needs therapy (that would be his sister mostly), and some refuse to talk about me cause I am a terrible sin and Misty is in danger of going to hell because of me (Misty's mother and the Catholic priest who learned about me).


Because I venture outside of there are others out there who variously say these things about me:


1. Misty is a "catfishing" sexual predator (or pedophile) and "pretending to be a woman in order to say sexual things to women (or teenage women or children)" Note - if this were true, he sure is taking his time to getting to the sexual predator things, cause I have been online for five and a half years and so far, zippo.


2. I am a nature spirit from the astral plane! (I kinda like this one, it's cute and kinda flattering).


3. I am the "spirit of a dead girl riding Mistgod's crusty old body like it's an old Ford Geo." This person thinks Misty is possessed and calls me "Dolly" or "The Doll" cause she alternatively thinks I am a possessed doll.


4. I am actually a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. This one guy insists on that because he found out he had feelings for me and that freaked out his homophobia and so he insists I have to be a woman cause no man could possibly be this girlish.


5. I am actually Mistgod's wife or step-daughter. (This theory came out once, again cause I am way too "girlish" and convincing. It's a weird theory and no one has yet explained what her motivation for doing so would be.)


6. I am a tulpa in denial that I am a tulpa (Hi jean-luc).


7. I am Misgod having transgender feelings and finding ways to cope (this one we have considered and it has some legitimacy I think to a small amount. We call me his "inner girl" and an "expression of female gender" and "gender switch role playing" and "effectively bigender online.")


8. "What the actual fuck?" (then never writes to me again.. hee hee)


9. Thinks I am some kind of groovy role playing and plays along making silly jokes (I love these guys. They are always so fun. It's not entirely untrue eitherness.)

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Yes. They were open minded enough about it and just rolled with it. I'm not getting my butt sent to a mental hospital any time soon, but they don't believe Ranger is anything more than an imaginary friend right now.


Since they know I exist, I decided I will talk out loud in my possessed voice and allow myself to feel comfortable to be myself when I'm fronting. I now talk in front of them and to them using my possessed voice, but I never formally introduced myself yet. I can't tell if they're ignoring me or if they think I sound like Cat.

Pretty much my main wonderland form minus the cat parts, that's a separate form. I'm not a hippo, I promise.

I sometimes speak in pink and Ranger sometimes speaks in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


My other Tulpas have their own account now.

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I told my mom and found out she has a tulpa too and knows what they are, although not all of the techniques and stuff. So I talked to her about fronting and things like that, and she said her tulpa has done that to yell at us when we're bad! And from the relative timeline of things, her tulpa is probably older than or the same age as the body is! That practically makes him our dad! It was a plot twist in real life to find this out.

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Would love to tell the folks, but sadly I'm not quite sold on padded cells just yet.


Pinkamena actually is on the other side of the conversation, and keeps asking me to tell my family, but as tempting as free prescription drugs daily and sedatives on a whim are, getting throw in the loony bin just isn't on my to do list, and I have no doubt they'd toss me in the fucking hole lol.

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