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So, I've heard the term Passive Forcing tossed around alot around here. Could somebody describe it for me, and maybe explain how it works and how to do it?

I know Narration is a form of passive forcing, But is there anything else? As is there a certain way i should be narrating?

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Passive forcing is, I think, when there is no "preparation" before. When you don't try to meditate or relax for a while before forcing, and just go and visualize/narrate to your tulpa while you walk in a direction, speak with someone, draw a pony, etc. Talking to your tulpa on your way to school goes in "Passive forcing", I believe.


Although people could say that active forcing (meditate, try not to be disturbed, don't think of anything else, etc.) might be more productive, passive forcing is also a good way to let your tulpa experience things in real time, so they can see how a friend acts towards you and instantly say "I don't like this guy", instead of basing it off your memories while you're actively forcing and your friend isn't actually around.


Personally, I always try to have about four or five active forcing sessions when I start something new (like visualization), and then try to have it happen more often and more easily by forcing passively as much as I can.


PS : As for the way you should be narrating, well, as long as you remember you're talking to your tulpa, and that it can hear you, it should work.

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