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Mock-ups: How Does an Imposed Tulpa Look

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So I'm bored, figured I'd practice my Photoshoop skittles by making a mock-up of my imposed tulpae. More to come as I find more suitable photos to use and decent drawings of my tulpae.


Apologize for the quality, my webcam is terribad. Here's Ritsu:


(original: http://i1.minus.com/jxeEiL6RgFA2P_e.jpg )


This one isn't as good I think cause I got tired, here's Kirino:


(original: http://i3.minus.com/ibtH0G9BCJCzkw.png )


More to come soon, as I remain bored.

WTB: Rare Tulpas

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Meh, seeing as this has been mildly necro'd already, I might as well spend some time passive forcing while cookin' up some delicious OC.


Here you go chums.



Big thanks to Corvus for the drawing.

Thanks to me for the crummy Photoshop.


EDIT: Material anime posters FTW.



Pls don't track me down and kill me.


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What a fun concept for a thread!!!! I hope more people make/post their mock-ups. I'll make one very soon too. :)

I'm Alanna, Domnopalus' host. Dom always speaks in brackets []


Tulpa: Domnopalus ||

Form (I am the artist) || WL: Bald cypress swamp. || Progress Report

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what's with that pole poking her face?


Guest star appearance from microphone stand counter-weight. I just forgot to move it before the picture, so I thought I might as well use it as some indication of depth. Now that I look at it, I guess it does look a bit strange from a different perspective.

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