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Jean-luc's super-simple guide to a talking tulpa (No personality required!)


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Disapproved. Not a guide, do we even need to vote for this to put it in it's appropriate section?

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Not necessarily to put it in it's appropriate section, it will probably be unstickied if the majority disapproves. Seeing how the guide itself was taken out, I think it's fair to do that if OP ever wants to update on it.

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Disapproved as the guide no longer exists.


From what I do recall, the original guide was very minimalistic and lacked a personality section.



Personality IS required


I would say that it's in principle possible to skip personality (in the sense of trait-based forcing in traditional guides), but you still have to feel like the tulpa is a (sentient) person, one which you sort of understand on an unconscious level. If a personality phase helps you with that, go ahead, however, there are also simpler ways of achieving the same thing without an explicit "traits based" personality phase - the only issues with explaining how to do this in a guide is that it's too abstract - and involves things like a person's "essence" or their "mental presence" and them feeling alive/animated/thinking/changing-by-themselves and not just static concepts - once that's there, you can avoid most issues you described in your progress report as you'll implicitly be able to perceive your tulpa's responses without being confused about their origins.



Not a guide, do we even need to vote for this to put it in it's appropriate section?

There used to be a guide here.

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