Taking drawing requests >:V

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Oh wow thanks for that Lacquer. That certainly aged him lol.



Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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30-year-old already is sort of old. That's when you start seeing those wrinkles more often than not. Sexy doesn't necessarily mean you know, super smooth skin and boy-ish looks everywhere, does it? Some do look very young for a long time, but 30 definitely is the time when age starts showing and if it doesn't, then, well, they look younger than 30. Check the forehead, there might very well be some lines there. Some crow's feet might be showing around the eyes. Adding laugh lines makes you like, instantly older. Your drawing of him would benefit a lot from smaller eyes, though. Big eyes make a person seem younger and more naïve.


I didn't really try drawing your tupper seeing that I didn't read if you had posted any long written descriptions of him, but I tried drawing some kind of person with similar features you had drawn, like big eyes and long eyelashes, plump lips, the chin, hair and a sort of long-ish face. It ended up becoming a monster, I don't think those eyes work. Seem a bit too young for him. Don't mind me, quick paint doodles, lineart ends up becoming really messy so I guess it's pretty difficult to say what's even going on.


LOL.. "it became a monster" .. sounds like what was happening to me when I tried to age him. Not only that.. his nationality kept looking different when I tried to age him.. he went to looking native amercian to chinese!! (neither of which he's supposed to be lol).


That ageing thing Laquer used.. his eyes look around the right size in it if one brought the size of the bigger eye to the same size as the other (just needing a little cleaning up in places in eyes/eyebrows etc).


In case my description of him was missed before (you mentioned I didnt give any long descriptions earlier.. thought the drawing I did and what I said would of been enough). Anyway..here's the description I had there in case anyone else wants to try to draw him in some kind of pose or something.


He has a fit body (into surfing) and has a muscular (athletic) build but nothing like a professional body builder thou.


note if you colour him, his hair and eyebrows are a dark blond and he has eyes which are rainbow coloured (flashes of different colours).


He has my drawings hairstyle (I couldnt believe I did get that right) or has his hair in thin plaits. He had all his hair (including his fringe) in thin plaits the other day (like the africans do). I cant see him but he flicked his head and all his little plaits flicked with his movement. The plaits go to a similar length as his hair in my drawing.



His lips due to deviation in past few days are now more fleshy/plump then those of his picture I previously drew and when Im thinking of that body part of his I have a fairly clear image now coming in (of lips which are nothing like the photo of lips I'd been trying to get him to have).


His skin colour.. well I dont know what it is as I cant visualise colour at all and as I havent seen him and are going by feel of him (He's been given free rein to choose his skin colour).. so well I dont have a clue, hence I didnt mention it in my description. I wont know till I see him. He could be negro or he could white. I do expect thou cause he's into surfing that he's at least well tanned.


His hair which had previously deviated from the light brown I was attempting to visualise him with (thou I didnt really care what colour it was thou originally i'd planned blond or brown).. deviated to a dark blonde I had a glimpse of him with but seems to be now deviating further and lightening up more. Today I couldnt even vaguely imagine it to be blonde as if he may of been blocking my thought and wondered if it had gone to maybe even white. But I dont know.


ah well.. I think his nose is now stable. his now plumper lips thou he's only had the ones he's got now for the past 2-3 days, Im hoping seeing he's picked these himself that they will be stable. His chin.. I dont know if its stable or not (I choose it and not him but will keep trying to visualise it as I have been unless he goes and changes it).


thanks to lacquers pic.. I think i may be able to slightly be able to visualise him a little better.

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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Sorry guys, I haven't gotten to get to any drawing requests lately. Something came up.


Right there with you sister.

Thankfully the thing that's been keeping me from taking requests is over tomorrow.

Name: Luna (Used to be "Dashie")

Birthday: Jan 29, 2013

Form: Rainbow Dash

Stage: Imposition/Visualization/Voice

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