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What do you think the "Ideal" tulpa limit is?

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All-but-name tulpas in my mind are missing the thing that makes people, people. As has been said, once you accept them as a person, something else happens. The old guard scientists here will say their own reasons, for me it's the moment a 'vacancy sign' switches on and something fills that vacancy.


This is general so here you go, meta.

i believe that almost-tulpas share your soul, once you advertise for a vacancy, they will eventually gain their own, poof they're people now and in my experience need to be forced regularly or they get weak. The almost tulpas are like tulpa vessels, and they can go dormant indefinitely without a loss of potency as long as you remember them.



This is my analogy, it's just for me, but if it helps you visualize it then fine.


The body is the energy source, the sun.

You and your tulpas are planets.

My advanced thoughtforms are my moons. Two of them are 'around' and they are beautiful and fun, and useful. I have many other useful thoughtforms who are in stasis. They will not be tulpas, even if they say they want to be. It will take my will to push them into orbit of the body. They're just parts of me.


Soulbonds are something else, i don't believe i have any right now.


I believe Toria is similar to my Ren or Joy, possibly like Gwen, Nadea, Halcyon... etc. More than 2 dozen others. I'm not afraid they will become tulpas.


Here's the rub. Your empathy may overtake you. You might become so endeered to them that you will gift them the status of Tulpa by making that choice. They're no less useful as they are. It will still take time and effort before they will be true tulpas. Joy and Ren emotional bleed, are fully autonomous, pass all tests, are fully visualized, they 'come around' seemingly on their own, and they have strong unique voices.


The choice is yours (the host or highest strength fronter) but you better get everyone else's permission, or it's not fair.


I can say, "oh Dashie, that jerk, doesn't want more tulpas around," but neither is it fair or correct. It's everyone's decision as a whole, in our system it must be unanimous. I respect their opinions so i won't 'bug them' about it.


In my system the negotiations concluded, they, and all other thoughtforms going into the future, unless those who voted nay change their mind on their own, are all non- tulpa thougtforms, and i consider them my moons. Period.


Dashie, was just for example, btw, i was one on the no votes as well. We made rules, we followed them.


Good luck and do what your system needs as a whole.


Once you accept them as tulpas, there's no going back.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. So, we’re not making Torea a tulpa yet if we even will in the future. My idea is that we just let her stay as a “moon” (according to Bear’s analogy), but we’re thinking of creating another thoughtform for her. The four of us are alright with the idea. We’re thinking of summoning her and then asking if she likes the idea, and then create one for her.


We’ll see how everything goes. She was originally meant to be a pet thoughtform but she’s been on her own for a while.


Also, I didn’t mean we were halting the creation of NPCs (even though we barely have them around anyway), and that if we just leave “moon” thoughtforms on their own problems could arise with wanting to be with us all the time. The other thoughtform should hopefully reduce the problem so Torea has some company. She does seem autonomous and has a very energetic and extroverted personality, so I’d say this could work.


If we do this, we wouldn’t be excluding Torea as the “odd one out” and then she has someone else other than us if she keeps wandering or going dormant (not sure she does though) or whatever it is Torea does, and that should hopefully stop her from potentially feeling isolated.

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Also in answer to your original question, the ideal limit is whatever you and your tulpas feel you can handle or would want. I've been told 3 is a lot to handle, that is also my experience. Another analogy, Misha calls my thoughtforms her 'cousins' and my other tulpas her sisters. It's a beautiful sentiment, cause you can love and enjoy your cousins, but they leave andgo home.

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I would agree with most other people that have posted so far that it depends on the individual host and what they can handle. If you can only handle one tulpa? Great! You can handle five tulpas? That's great too! I think it becomes too much the moment you can no longer allocate sufficient attention to each tulpa; that's the moment you can no longer handle it. I think it's important to think of tulpas as not just friends, but responsibilities. Although I don't think anyone I've met so far on this site would argue with that.


As for an average? 1-3 is a good number, I think.


Personally, I couldn't imagine having more than one tulpa. I'm so close to Night and I just can't imagine having that kind of friendship with multiple people.


Night is really adamant about saying something too:



One is enough. I can't imagine having to share this head with another person. Zero and I get by wonderfully and the last thing we need is another person to show up and throw off our balance. Ugh.



Ah, thank you for the riveting input, Night.

| Zero || Night |


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