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Character Development Questions

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Has anyone else tried using character development questions when working on developing your tulpa's personality? Character development questions are essentially tools for writers to use when imagining and designing their original characters to give them depth. A quick Google search will provide plenty of questions to use. I think this is a really useful tool, but I haven't come across much info on other people trying it. When I do the questions, I talk directly to my tulpa, so it is very similar to narration. Would this be considered a valid method of logging hours? I think it would definitely help for anyone working on their tulpa.

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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Yes. God, yes. I was trying to find questions to ask my tulpa in his development stages for awhile, but only came across job interview types of questionnaires. I don't think my tulpa or I really know how his achievements could prepare him to be an asset for a fictional business...


This quiz has been all I could find so far, but it's been a pretty tremendous help by going through it several times and seeing differences in sentience along the way. I'll definitely use character development questions now that I know about them. Thanks for pointing these out.

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Narration throughout all the steps is my method, I already coined it! ORIGINAL METHOD DO NOT STEAL!

To the subject though, yes, narration during personality, the "we" approach, is as valid (if not more valid) than the other methods.

I took a more psychological approach, setting up Haru's OCEAN traits, temperament, multiple intelligence, etc. I did use a bit of Uta Hagen's 9 questions, although I had to change them a bit to fit an overall personality since the questions were made for a character on stage during a given scene. Here is the list after I altered it:

  1. Who am I?
    Name and personality.

  2. Where am I?
    Obviously where your creator lives/is.

  3. What are the given circumstances?
    You're a tulpa. How do you deal with it? Do you care?

  4. What is my relationship?
    Your relationship with your creator. God figure? Lover? Parent? Lover?
  5. What do I want?
    What are your ideals?

  6. What is in my way?
    What is standing in the way of your ideals if anything??

  7. What do I do to get what I want?
    How do you deal with what is in the way of your ideals? Do you actively seek out to obtain your ideals, or is it more of a passive seeking? Do you already have your ideals? How does this effect you?

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I feel like that quiz would be fun to do both before sentience and after sentience and seeing how things changed...

The great thing about character development questions is that there are a lot of them! Of course they aren't tulpa specific, but it isn't that difficult to modify them to be.


And it isn't stealing to use someone else's method. I didn't claim I created it.

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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Stealing my avatar? huh? punk? Nah, jk.


I agree this is a great method because I keep running out of things to talk about during personality forcing

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