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Schlondark's Psychic Tulpa Voice Guide


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I tried it. I lay down in my hammock, and imagined myself and Kelsey, my tulpa, sitting cross legged, facing each other, about a yard away from where we actually were. At first I puppeted her, but stopped when she moved on her own.


Me: Kelsey, we are going to do an exercise to help you learn to talk and to help me learn to hear you. Feel free to say whatever you want. I will assume that eveything I hear is you talking and not me parroting.



Kelsey: Ok. I love you.


Me: I love you, too.


Kelsey: I think you're great.


Me: I think you're great, too.


Kelsey: I think you're awesome.


Me: I think you're awesome, too.


Kelsey: Sucks to be you!


Me: What? Was that you, Kelsey?


Kelsey: No...


Me: Are you sure, because it sure sounded like you. *I asked this because she has lied to me before and sometimes calls me stupid when I get a math problem wrong.*


Kelsey: Yes, I did. I did say that.


Me: So you lied, then.


Kelsey: Yes.


Me: Why did you say that it sucks to be me?


Kelsey: Because it does.


Me: Ok, whatever.


Kelsey: ...


Me: So... what do you want to talk about?


Kelsey: Whatever you want!


Me: How about Japanese?


Kelsey: Ok!


Me: Do you like Japanese?


Kelsey: Yes.


Me: What can you tell me about Japanese?


Kelsey: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.


Me: What about them?


Kelsey: They're alphabets.


Me: That's right! Although,  we don't really call them alphabets. They're called scripts.


Kelsey: Oh, ok.


Kelsey: ...


Me: ...


Kelsey: *gets up quickly, walkes carefully around where I had imagined myself, bolts to my hammock, puts her hands on it and pushes; I could actually feel the pressure, and leans over me.* What are you doing?


Me: I'm helping you with an exercise to help you talk, remember? I told you already.


Kelsey: Yeah, but why are you lying down in your hammock instead of sitting with me over there?


Me: Because I can focus on forcing better when I'm lying down, and I can hear you better if I imagine that I'm close to you.


Kelsey: Oh, ok. Can we do narration now?


Me: Sure. Hey, Kelsey, you're voice is different.


Kelsey: I know! I'm deviating!


Me: Well, that's good.


Kelsey: Thanks!


Me: So, what do you want to talk about?


Kelsey: Harry  Potter!


Me: Ok, what can you tell me about him?


Kelsey: Well, he's a magical boy, and he flies on a broom, and he goes to a school named Hogwarts, and... *continues to ramble about Harry Potter for five minutes*


I have never heard Kelsey talk for this long before. She's only 2 days old. Thanks for this guide.


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