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Schlondark's Psychic Tulpa Voice Guide



I joined the tulpa community in May of 2012. I worked on my first tulpa, Vinyl, for many months, seldom receiving responses of any kind, although there were several instances of vocal communication and attempts to communicate between us. Nearing the end of the summer, we were nearing the basics of vocal communication but nothing seemed to work, and I was certain I was parroting most responses. Then one night while on the IRC, I made my concerns known to Pronas and Kate who then berated me for not listening to the responses and assuming that this “parroting” was getting in the way of communication and that it wasn’t her. Feeling somewhat dejected, something in me clicked whilst I was sitting at the computer. It seems that I was holding some sort of mental “shield” against her voice, based on expectations of her and basically intended to stop intrusive verbal thoughts from reaching me. I let this shield down, and released any expectations about what was going to happen and what vinyl would be like. I then moved my mind/focus/self/hearing/whathaveyou toward her (placed on the bed behind me) and heard an odd noise not unlike a radio stuck between two stations, like a voice or two mixed with an odd wavering static. This voice was hers and progressed quickly from the static into a semi-stable mindvoice that we have been using to communicate since.

   Tl;DR: it is possible to create a communication bridge with your tulpa and form a basic mindvoice by pretending that you have psychic powers and then utilizing them to read the mind of your tulpa.

   I do not know what the strange noise is or why it occurred; I can only speculate that it is related to the thought-speak gibberish (Tulpish) sometimes heard by hosts from their tulpae.



   Now for the actual Guide-Part of the Guide:

   1.      Relax, Take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind as much as possible.

   2.      Let go of any fears and/or preconceptions you may have about your tulpa, and open your mind as much as possible. Be prepared to accept your tulpa for whoever it is, whether or not it has turned out exactly as you intended (It has probably deviated at least a bit – Not a bad thing.)

   3.      Position your Tulpa somewhere around you inside your 3d-map of the room you are in. Do this as though you were going to impose your tulpa, but don’t expect to see anything. At this point, it might be a good Idea to explain to your tulpa what you are going to try to do and to encourage them to speak up.

   4.      Feel your presence inside your head and identify it as “you.” Take a minute or two on this; It’ll help differentiate you further from your tulpa.

   5.      Move this presence that you have Identified as yourself towards the tulpa (or as close to it as you can imagine – you shouldn’t physically feel leaving your body – something around the lines of imagining yourself walking through the room behind you; that kind of visualization is fine.) Whilst doing this, prepare and intend to accept any response that you may receive as being your tulpa.

   6.      Somewhere along this miniature mental journey, you should, if successful, hear a strange noise much like I did. This is a thought/vocalization of your tulpa and will eventually evolve into a voice that your tulpa can communicate with you in.

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I tried it. I lay down in my hammock, and imagined myself and Kelsey, my tulpa, sitting cross legged, facing each other, about a yard away from where we actually were. At first I puppeted her, but stopped when she moved on her own.


Me: Kelsey, we are going to do an exercise to help you learn to talk and to help me learn to hear you. Feel free to say whatever you want. I will assume that eveything I hear is you talking and not me parroting.



Kelsey: Ok. I love you.


Me: I love you, too.


Kelsey: I think you're great.


Me: I think you're great, too.


Kelsey: I think you're awesome.


Me: I think you're awesome, too.


Kelsey: Sucks to be you!


Me: What? Was that you, Kelsey?


Kelsey: No...


Me: Are you sure, because it sure sounded like you. *I asked this because she has lied to me before and sometimes calls me stupid when I get a math problem wrong.*


Kelsey: Yes, I did. I did say that.


Me: So you lied, then.


Kelsey: Yes.


Me: Why did you say that it sucks to be me?


Kelsey: Because it does.


Me: Ok, whatever.


Kelsey: ...


Me: So... what do you want to talk about?


Kelsey: Whatever you want!


Me: How about Japanese?


Kelsey: Ok!


Me: Do you like Japanese?


Kelsey: Yes.


Me: What can you tell me about Japanese?


Kelsey: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.


Me: What about them?


Kelsey: They're alphabets.


Me: That's right! Although,  we don't really call them alphabets. They're called scripts.


Kelsey: Oh, ok.


Kelsey: ...


Me: ...


Kelsey: *gets up quickly, walkes carefully around where I had imagined myself, bolts to my hammock, puts her hands on it and pushes; I could actually feel the pressure, and leans over me.* What are you doing?


Me: I'm helping you with an exercise to help you talk, remember? I told you already.


Kelsey: Yeah, but why are you lying down in your hammock instead of sitting with me over there?


Me: Because I can focus on forcing better when I'm lying down, and I can hear you better if I imagine that I'm close to you.


Kelsey: Oh, ok. Can we do narration now?


Me: Sure. Hey, Kelsey, you're voice is different.


Kelsey: I know! I'm deviating!


Me: Well, that's good.


Kelsey: Thanks!


Me: So, what do you want to talk about?


Kelsey: Harry  Potter!


Me: Ok, what can you tell me about him?


Kelsey: Well, he's a magical boy, and he flies on a broom, and he goes to a school named Hogwarts, and... *continues to ramble about Harry Potter for five minutes*


I have never heard Kelsey talk for this long before. She's only 2 days old. Thanks for this guide.


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