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So, I started my tulpa March 9th this year, but due to events I had to stop forcing a week later, but narrated every now and then. So i decided to pick it up again. Is my tulpa still... there? Or do I have to start over. When I started to narrate and speak to him, I got a sort of, twisting or shifting feeling between my brows and my head hurt a bit.


Could this mean that he's still there? [/font]

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Tulpae(s, whichever you prefer,) can easily re-emerge if you've neglected them for a while. Don't worry, continue 'forming, it'll come back (if it isn't already back...)



Name: Jake

Status: Visualization/communication

Talks: Within {}

Form: Brown furred, 5'6" (or so) anthropomorphic wolf.

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