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I can't wait to see what that looks like finalized, with the hair and everything!

Nit-picky things: My first impression is that the mouth is too big, or maybe that it just stretches open too far when talking. The other thing is the eyebrows and forehead movement seem too dramatic, maybe you could find a way to make that more subtle.


I know this is incredibly difficult to do, so thank you so much for working on it!


...also, she's the sanest of all of us. Just saying.

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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No problem at all on the mouth stretching, I set the constraints to like .60 on a program, so I'll reduce it down to like .45 or lower, and experiment with that as well. As for the eyebrows and forehead movement, I do apologize for this. The thing is, in order to get those mouth expressions down from the facial mocap software I use, I had to physically exaggerate my face as well.


I can temporarily disable the blendshape for the forehead raise (which is part of the eyebrow blendshape raise as well), and do manual eye blinks for you. As for the hair, I might have to resort to a different hairstyle, and do something low polygon. It'll still have a structure of the hair, but the one I did before probably had like 250k+ fibers to emulate the hairstyle. I realized that if I tried integrating that from Zbrush to Maya, it would take more time than needed, especially when rendering. And if it usually takes 3-5 hours for a simple turntable, damned if I knew if I were going to make a facial animation with that hair.


Of course, I'm almost done watching a tutorial on nHair for Maya, but I don't know, think the other option for low poly hair might be better. Thanks for the constructive criticism, and I'll do my best in future attempts! :)

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No problem, the amount of work you are doing is insane! Really, I appreciate it a lot, honestly I feel really lucky. ^_^

I'm not overly familiar with 3d modeling, but regardless, would I be able to have a copy of the files when you are done? If I ever get into it I would like to have that!

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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Still trying to think how to respond to your post. Hopefully, I'll have an answer when I'm done.






Testing out sub-surface scattering with a certain render for her skin. There's a bit of noise, and I'm trying to work that out. As for the hair, I believe I have to bake an ambient occlusion map in order to get the details seeing how the normal maps aren't working out. Sorry for the play-doh feel it's at right now, but it's all I can do that can be less intensive on my laptop when I make an animation out of the model.

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Okay another test:






I think this is one of the last frames I rendered out for the small animation sequence I edited out for you so the lips hopefully won't deform so wide like before. Figuring out how to batch render, and it seems I have to do some weird process just to get it (the renderer) to do its thing.


So if I just leave my computer running, hopefully things will go smoothly, if not, I will have to start making other plans in getting the animation sequence.


Also, I know eyes aren't supposed to have shadows on top of them, I still have a ways to go in making more realistic, and less play-dohy and cartoonish eyes.

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I set more constraints on the mouth, and if I set them any lower, you might not really be able to notice any mouth movements honestly. There's a black screen at the end, which makes the video 35 seconds, but it's really 5 seconds of her talking. You can clip and edit it to your hearts content, Enantiodromia.


I decided to use a render farm to make things faster, since there's no way in hell this would render on my laptop. Thank goodness for cheap render farms, and don't worry, I paid because I would eventually have to do this in the future for other projects (separate from this forum of course) that would probably involve a lot more money to do.


This is the first animation I've done with audio, and rendered completely from a 3D software, and the compositing was done with After Effects and Sony Vegas for the audio clip. Thank you for letting me experiment a bit, and I really did my best in this process. Your tulpa had led me to reach this accomplishment as well!


I know it may not really be perfect, but I hope that it's satisfactory for you.


I still have the images and models, though I'm not sure how I should answer the query you had on whether or not you can have the models. The reason why I'm having a conflicting moment is because if this gets distributed (the files), and someone claims it as their own, makes a profit out of it, and I try to use it in some other site, depending on their motive, they may try to bring those uploads down.


This isn't directed to you, just to anyone that would ever contemplate on doing that, which is probably rare, but still, I'll have to keep those files to myself. I apologize for the inconvenience, I just wouldn't want what I spent for months (including watching tutorials, trial and error, and all that) to get to this end result go in vain.


As long as you link to the source (which directs to Youtube) if you distribute it to others, or wherever:




You'll be fine. :) I'll e-mail you the stuff if you still want them. Just post here, or PM me. Going to move on to the next request now.

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