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[Game] Break-a-wish

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Granted, but you come completely apathetic being detrimental to your interaction with others, to the point where no one wants to acquaint themselves with you.


I wish to be asexual.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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Granted, but your contentedness with where you are in life means you no longer like CT.


I wish for some flourless chocolate cake.

Doc: Childhood friend turned servitor gone rogue turned host who's bad at feeling emotions.

Meti: Overly lewd Tupper.

CT, who is also called Jeremy: Original personality whose default emotion is anger.

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Granted. You are put in solitary confinement. Lots of free time.


I wish I could type really fast.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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You are once again a kid, with no memories of you adult life and also stuck as a child for the rest of eternity, never aging and watching as the people around you grow up and die. You also have to avoid a lot of questions that could lead some dangerous places.


I wish I could just get this drawing I'm working on done.

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That would actually be alright with me.


Your drawing is finished but it looks like it was made by a 3 year old


I wish I could make my wonderland more detailed

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