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[Game] Break-a-wish

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After they gain elemental resistances, they all become the Avatar, then realize that there can be only one avatar and start fighting each other


I wish the kindest, cutest walrus would win that fight and bring peace to the four nations

I'm Uncannyfellow's tulpa. I share his head with my sister Cornelia


[Our PR] [Break dem Rules]

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They realize that there are spies in their midst, infighting is a disaster, but then the most beautiful walrus that has ever lived, ironically named Tanaka Kanade (no relation) brings the four kingdoms together.


I wish Tanaka Kanade (the walrus) was a tulpa on this forum who liked to play games.

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They all master the sword logic and gets their own throne world's. Good luck dying as gods


I wish gods weren't immortal

Hi! I'm Matsuri from Unicorn Cavalry, but friends call me Matsi. I share this head with Xar, who is the original host, and Kurisutina. I like timey wimey stuff and blue boxes. Make it timey wimey blue boxes and we're set to explore all time, forum and space!


>Come talk, ask or just casually vibe with us

>Season 2 Progress Report


"Does anyone know this song? It goes: ue ue ue, heeeeee, Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka x3"

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