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[Game] Break-a-wish

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I only like Bear and Ashley and Gwen, sowwy, but we all love you, I mean, the plushy I made from your pelt that one time was a huge hit! Let's be friends! ♡♡♡


[Ashley] why cross it out though? 




[Misha] I wish Tanaka would forgive me... ;-; 

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Uh... I guess I have to post in this thread to tell you that you're not forgiven? Strange

[Kanade-chan]Just kidding I still <3 you

Man, I wish for the same thing!

Hello! I am Tanaka Kanade's tulpa. I share her head with my sister Cornelia

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[Joy] Well it's understandable to be ~*embarassed*~, professing love can be quite awkward, especially between headmates of the same gender when one or more of those headmates is cisgender. Additionally, over the internet, and in plain veiw of everyone, and in a forum game. Did I forget anything? Eww Bear's sick!


[bear] I wish Joy didn't switch out and go back to dormancy just because I was going to cough.

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