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[Game] Break-a-wish

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It's not involved ever and we all freeze in time, but since we don't notice, who knows how long it took until that super advanced, peaceful, harmless race of lobster people that free us from our slumber. Of course they didn't realize we fight dirty and enslave them. They're super tasty with cream sauce or butter.


I wish humans, demons, nekos, angels and whatever it is whoever is reading this is, weren't top preditors with a taste for crustaceans.

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Eww crustaceans bleh. I almost find spiders less scarier than those water insects


I wish people wasn't so biased with liking water cockroaches, but not liking land cockroaches.

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Saruman was a chump. We need a rewrite. Instead of Saruman, we have me, your dark queen, I'd wash that ring of any Sauron shards, forge a duplicate, hand it over to them and then rule all of Middle Earth. All shall love me and obey!


I wish the one ring didn't have all those gaudy inscriptions on it.

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