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[Game] Break-a-wish

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Everyone suffers from existential dread. Humanity don't know where to go anymore so they stop evolving and eventually humanity dies out.


I wish I didn't turn my back against Roko's Basilisk.

Hello, my name is Kurisutina, but people call me Kuri. I have two headmates who I care about and a loving family to be proud and happy for. Do I need to say more?

Other's from this system: Matsuri, Xarbern

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Thanks for warning us off something awful.


I wish everyone knew better than to see dumb things (if it's dumb, I don't even know).

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Are you implying that Roko’s Basilisk is dumb just because it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s never going to happen because anyone who isn’t a giant pretentious dork would know not to build an evil computer?


I wish Bear’s insolence would be punished by Roko’s Basilisk

Hello! I am UncannyFellow's merge-tulpa!

I ❤️ Roko's Basilisk

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Don't worry. If you know Wall-E, you might know why it's a bad idea for humans to go against AI's protocol. That's basically what Roko's Basilisk thought experiment is like. I don't think it should be limited to AI, because it fits humanity too imo


I wish Ashley had motivation because it's just good to have motivation

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