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[Game] Break-a-wish

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Your host wasn't born because no one makes no mistakes in life, and no one makes mistakes either. Everything is a relative and your host wouldn't go trough the relativeness


I wish I could teleport to any destination in the universes including dreams, just by thinking about it

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You can, but everytime you do, you have the risk of teleporting into a wall or any other object around. Which would be really bad.


I wish I could switch tonight.

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You could, but every time you do it, Miri finds no reason to stay switched in so you just fill in for her


I wish you found a positive trigger for Miri so you guys can switch without troubles

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Aww I don't want to break that wish but okay. We do but it only works once.


I wish I could import my Minecraft houses into real life and live there.

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You know how but you can't fulfill the request. Now I'm taking your house with me.


I wish Pokémon Sword and Shield had more post-game. Not counting the expansion pass.

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