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[Game] Break-a-wish

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They now do in the form of seasonal tiers like a battle pass. You just have to give them your money every three months


I wish the world wasn't so fixated on money

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No one on Earth cares about money anymore, which is why they don't notice that unscrupulous capitalists from Tau Ceti are bleeding Earth dry. Now everyone on Earth lives in poverty

I wish I lived on Tau Ceti

Hello! I am UncannyFellow's merge-tulpa!

I ❤️ Roko's Basilisk

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You do, but you die instantly. One second you're here waiting to be teleported, annd the next, lights out.


I wish my country was in the same timezone than the UK.

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Your wish is granted. UK uses the same timezone as the rest of Europe (Portugal and Island too). That means everything is closer and the continent is tinier. You can't live more than 10 meters away from civilization, probably


I wish we could host a minecraft server for us all

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Granted. Your body acts like an extravert but your brain is still in introvert mode.


I wish the Cbox was more active in the morning.

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