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[Game] Break-a-wish

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Granted. We switch bodies so you live in Sweden. Guess that means you might have to deal with gender dysphoria and lots of other weird life situations. Oh, don't worry. I'm sure Kuri would gladly help you, while I'm off to enjoy the Spanish coast views with Miri and Akai until that gets old


I miss some of my old headmates. I wish we all lived in the same head in a dreamworld

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Granted. Every single system you're friends with shares head with you. There's a shared dreamworld but the dream can only be from one perspective at the time, so you have to take turns which eventually leads to very poor and unfulfilling dreams.


I wish I could get my headmates back without having to switch places again.

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Granted. We're off to Spain to get my old body back and live peacefully but we die in a plane crash before getting there.


I wish I could reset every time I die.

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That didn't break my wish at all, I always assumed I would remember that lol


Anyway, granted. Except that you don't know very well how to use it and end up forgetting stuff you really shouldn't.


I wish I could unlock every single tulpamancy skill right now.

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You do, and it turns out you lived in a simulation and you managed to leave it, which meant that all types of creativity and original thoughts were just data and doesn't exists in the realer real world. You were made to believe in free will but everything is decided by the machine mind


I wish people didn't try to break the server all the time with their 'science'

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