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[Game] Break-a-wish

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It'll as long as I put it on my bed tonight, which my host doesn't let me do...so, your wish will probably kill me.


I wish I could live until tomorrow, don't wanna miss Community Day on Pokémon GO.

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You'll live until tomorrow but you wont have any internet to play Pokémon GO on for reasons


I wish there were pokéstops and maybe some gym here, nothing to do on Pokémon GO out here

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A vaccine for literally everything is put in the market, but it's so ridiculously expensive that only rich people can affort it. Yeah, it all gets eradicated but so does most of the human population.


I wish for my food to get done in 1 minute.

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I mean yeah, but you had a date with your soulmate at noon, and you’re probably not getting a second chance now!


I wish Mirichu would learn to settle for second best, given the situation

Hello! I am UncannyFellow's merge-tulpa!

I ❤️ Roko's Basilisk

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I do, but I do that for everything which eventually leads to me being broken and having no house or job. And it's all your fault.


I wish I had 1 million dollars.

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