What do you do with your tulpa?

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Guest Anonymous

Cuddles, exploring (sometimes), parties and we talk about every day stuff or, when it's necessary, a certain topic.

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Surprise your tulpa, and your tulpa will surprise you sometimes too. Remember that the possibilities are endless, you don't have to stay in your designated 'wonderland'. My tulpa and I have soared through space, walked the desert, and enjoyed time at a beach and in a forest too. If you feel like exploring, take your tulpa to an intricate cave with flashlights or go to the bottom of the ocean to explore the colorful fish and coral reefs. It's not like you can't just say 'hey we can breathe underwater for this, let's just go check things out'.


I'm sure you'll come up with something. No rules.

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Have you hugged your tulpa today?

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Cuddles! Especially when starting out. For me, it's a nice way to connect myself to Elaine. Being in "physical" contact makes it easier for me and keeps me rooted and focused on her.


After she's conversational and comfortable and rockin' existence, well, the possibilities are endless, and I look forward to exploring the bounds of the universe with her. :3

Slayer of Threads

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