synsta and Rylai

I want to visualize, but my eyes wont let me

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(Excuse any typos, when I'm mobile I can't see what I've typed and when I want to edit I can't scroll.)


You can always try something like this:

Wait until nobody's home (or at least until it's quiet), draw the blinds/curtains/whatever, just make the room really dim. Light a few candles, across from you if you need a 'point' to focus on. Get something relaxing, like a cup of hot tea or even hot chocolate if the sugar won't get you hyped.


Relax. Try not to think. Deep breaths, think 'in' as you breathe in, 'out' as you breathe out. It's okay if your concentration wavers at first, and not all of your breqths need to be deep, just go back to deep breathing if you catch your mind starting to wander. Remember: no pressure, just be mindful of your breathing and drink your tea/whatever.


When you're finishing your drink, set the cup aside. Do a little more deep breathing, thinking 'in' and 'out'. Let your 'daydream' begin, and go with the flow. The candle is not only to make the ebvironment 'warmer', but for something for you to 'zone' at. If you have better luck with closed eye, a bandana/blindfold would do, and the candle smell would still be helpful.


Don't be discouraged. It can be hard to slow your mind. Just keep practicing. If you get snapped out of it, apologize to your tulpa and either try again (depending on your time) or attempt later. The better you get, the better they get too, so after a while you could even ask your tulpa to 'help you focus'.


Good luck!

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We're doing this and are able to totally overlap my real vision but, do I try to make my tupper appear in the blurred out vision, or imagine with my mind?


Bith of both, I guess? I haven't managed this whole imposition thing yet, but from what I gather it's the same with that and tulpaforcing; Just focus on your tulpa, keep thinking about them -- Don't worry too much if your mind snaps onto something else randomly, just keep snapping back as soon as you can; After a while it becomes habit, and a while after that it stops happening altogether.

As long as you keep focusing, and possibly focusing on the intent to see them, you'll wind up seeing them there. Just don't let up and don't give up.


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Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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