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I can't see anything

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I tried enter wonderland few times, but I can't see anything and I don't know why.

When I try to imagine wonderland I know that I think about it, but I can't see it.

Please, help and sorry for my english (It's not very good) ^^

\My tulpa - Lan will speak in this backslashes (I don't hear him)\

Jeśli jesteś Polakiem i masz ochotę ze mną pisać pisz po polsku, proszę :)

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Guest Anonymous

You don't actually see it, you'll "see" it within your imagination, nothing more. (for now at least)

Just in case this common misunderstanding happened to you.


Now about visualization:

The key is probably practice (everything gets better with practice) but there are a few things you could try.

Are you sure you aren't too comfortable? I find that when I am my mind will wander in all possible directions making it hard to concentrate on the wonderland and tulpa. Same thing with being too tired.


Another thing that really helped me when I had a wonderland made completely by me (I now switched to a memory of a certain city, it's a lot easier since I know it well) was to narrate the details to myself, it helped me define things and keep my thoughts on track. Just tell yourself stuff like:

"Ok, there's the stone floor. It's made out of solid marble plates, and I can see all the veins" etc.


Also what CreativeMind said, the guides can be pretty useful sometimes.

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At first, my/our Wonderland was just the Destiny Isles from Kingdom Hearts 1. Now, it's an island, with an awesome palace on it. It has gears, and crystals, and stuff.

If I suddenly drop out of Chat, it means I was on my old and unreliable laptop. Was. PM me instead, because I can reply to PMs using my 3DS, but it can't use Chat.


Progress Report

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I've found that memories can help if you're not particularly imaginative. A favorite childhood location or your own home can make for a serviceable wonderland in a pinch. The only problem might be if you try to re-visit that place after you or your tulpa have made some alterations (i.e. a porch where there wasn't one previously, or giant mushrooms on your roof) -- that is, distinguishing between your wonderland and the "real" "meat space" site.

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