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Redesign Part 1 Complete


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It's been a long road, but we're finally starting to push the site redesign! By now, you have probably noticed the new Dark Theme for the community forums, and if you've gone into the theme options to check if the old theme is still there, you might also have noticed the Light Theme. We've been working on these new themes for a long time now, largely due to a few setbacks we've had during the development process.


We were holding out on pushing the themes until all the redesigned images were finished and implemented, but the user who was working on them has dropped off the radar. We're currently finding someone else to finish the images, but the themes are functionally, and, for the most part, visually, ready and we don't want to keep pushing the release further and further into the future.


Talk To Staff


In this update, we're pushing a new forum called Talk To Staff. If you are familiar with Dreamviews, you may be familiar with this concept. The Talk To Staff forum is a place where you can discuss matters privately with staff, without fear of being punished by staff for doing so, or being scrutinised by other users. Threads can only be viewed by staff and by the thread creator.


Previously users were encouraged to contact a member of staff via PM if they had a concern about staff. This apparently didn't work too well, and as a result, we have giant threads full of arguments bouncing back and forth between sets of users and the staff, with nothing really being accomplished when it comes to the end. Additionally, it's easy for a thread to get completely derailed from its original purpose. The Talk To Staff forum has worked very well on Dreamviews for a few years, and we hope that it will work well here too.


You can find the Talk To Staff forum below Forum Questions & Comments, or just go here: http://community.tulpa.info/forum-talk-to-staff


What's the plan for the future?


We're in the process of finalising the changes to the board layout which will be pushed imminently, so you can expect this to happen over the next week or two. After that, we plan to work on getting the community Wiki up and running.


Behind the scenes


All the changes we've talked about so far are external ones, but there's a lot going on under the hood of the site. We're currently in the process of improving moderation on the site. We've begun the process of standardising how moderators should act in various situations and locations around the site. Moderator consistency is something that a notable chunk of users have been asking for, and we do realise how important it is, which is why we're implementing these internal changes.




A lot of you have been asking about Pleeb. Due to being busy with a lot of life problems, Pleeb has chosen to take a less active role in the community. He's still alive though, and he's still paying for the server and the site to remain up, but he cannot manage the community and deal with life things at the same time, which is why he's delegated a great deal to Goopi and I, as well as the rest of staff.


For more information, read his recent blog post here:




I like the old theme! How do I get it back?!


Go to this page to change the theme for your account:




The option is in Other Options under Board Style.



As always, all feedback on the changes we've made is welcome, as well as feedback on our planned changes, and changes that you'd like us to make. If you find any more issues with the new themes, please let us know.

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Guest Anonymous

Can we get rid of the 'tulpae' as a whole in the next update? I think it's time the site moved past that.


And is the Talk to Staff working?

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We'll discuss doing that as we work on the new board layout over the next couple of weeks. Also, Talk To Staff has been tested and should be fully working (if not, please let us know quickly!).

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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed signature text being indistinguishable from post text.
  • Fixed error messages being unreadable on Dark Theme.
  • Fixed post timestamp background colour being too close to post border background colour.
  • Fixed the login form cutting off at the bottom of the status panel and generally improved the status panel.
  • Fixed Replies and Views not being centered when they are supposed to be.

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I've done a bit of research into why this is happening, unfortunately with not many answers. Signs seem to point to it being related to caching, either on the client or on Cloudflare. Obviously this is a fairly important bug so I'm going to try get it fixed as soon as possible.

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