My First Actual Tulpa

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This thread is for my ongoing project of creating

a Tulpa of my very own. I came upon the idea of

Tulpa from, of all things, Creepypasta...yeah, I have

strange hobbies.


This will be something of a journal detailing my

efforts, and I hope you'll be along for the ride.

I can't promise I'll update everyday especially seeing

as I restart University in a couple days but I'll do

what I can.


Here are the references I have so far for my Tulpa:Gardevoir_282_PKMN.png




So..yeah..Pokémon themed so far..I'll have my first entry up shortly.

Entry Number One:


Have been working on my Tulpa for a nice little while.

I'm still getting use to all this but I seem to be making

good progress so far. One big thing I tried this evening

was stimulating with music and imagery while visualizing

her form.


I saw one guide say you should try visualizing your Tulpa

in a way that they're in the room with you but you're not

looking at them so I'm trying that technique.


..Something tells me I'm gonna be trying a number of

techniques during this little "diary" thing. I don't know why

but sometimes I feel a sudden surge of emotion from nowhere.


Anyways, it's getting late so I best turn in, if any of you guys

got some pointers or hints how I should better myself at this,

let me know. I think I may need the advice at some point.


Good night for now.

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