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Dude, I'm 5 weeks in or so and Chuul's best method of communicating with me is occasionally pressing on the right side of my head at varying pressures to tell me whether he likes something or not. Don't worry about lack of progress, making a Tulpa takes a lot of time, and for some it takes less time than others. I'm always skeptical of people who claim that their Tulpa is fully vocal within a week or so, actually.

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Yeah, like Kiahdaj stated, you'll just have to be patient.


Some people are just good at working harder into this than others, which is why they may presumably have a tulpa in a shorter time frame than others. Progress (at least for newcomers in this forum) is usually validated by others comparing each other, but that can end up with the host thinking they're not getting anywhere. You'll get there in time, just don't compare yourself to others too much and keep exploring through those guides and methods.

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Everyone's journey is different. I've been researching for two months and started with Alex today three weeks ago and Alex is just standing there staring. I know someone who made a fully sentient tulpa in a week and a half.

A thing I'm doing now is puppeting with my tulpa and visualizing her along side me when I'm going places. It helps alot with visualizing my wonderland as well.

Tulpa: Alex

Sex: Female

Visual Age: 5 ½ years old

Actual Age: A month old

Form: Humanoid


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New thread merged in the interests of keeping relevant answers accessible.

So it's been around two weeks into making my tulpa, and I am not sure if my progress (or lack of progress) is normal.


It is not unusual for tulpas to take "upwards of 100 hours" before you see any results. I was able to move after 36 hours of forcing, and talking within a month elapsed time. After almost a year I'm pretty independent - and that's a fairly rapid development.


kerin - the tulpa who made me - took about 9 years to become vocal and independent back in the 70's (you can consider that probably the outside limit of time it may take). Tulpas these days are about 10 x faster then that.

Please consider supporting


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