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So, my tulpa, M, and I already settled on a form for her on basically the second day of her existence. It was sort of a random combination of anime features to make her feel like her own person. She chose her hair and eye color on her own, which made me very happy.


Lately though, she understands that I am having trouble visualizing her for whatever reason. It's hard for me to picture her naked and then form the clothes over her properly. The clothes always seem like they're being put on a different body than what she appears naked.


So we came a decision together. We'd go through a few anime characters and pick a body that she liked and we could use that as a base for everything.


She decided to go with Asuka from Eva Genesis.


The issue I have now, since she really likes the body and wants to keep it, is that I'm having difficulty seeing an anime character that you never see without clothing naked. I'm having a bit of difficulty with it, and, to be frank, I'd rather like to avoid taking the easy route and just looking for some hentai based on the character. I'm not interested in that at this point.


Any tips or tricks for this? Remember, it was M that chose the body, now it's my job to make it work for her...


Edit: Another thing. M decided on Asuka's body but isn't sure if she wants Asuka's face...this is where things get really difficult. Any help on this topic would also be appreciated.

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It might take a little bit of tweaking, but I think you could pull it off:


Find plain front and back views of the character, no special poses just like concept art: standing there. Trace over where you see (with your imagination + judgement), and add the finishing touches (nipple placement, belly button, etc) via referencing a nude model. There are tons of resources for artistic nudes you could work from.


If you are able to do this on your computer, just add another layer, if you lack software you can find gimp amd opencanvas free downloads. This would be preferred as you can more easily 'undo'.


If you have to do it by hand, tracing paper or wax paper should do, and you could work off of that.


I know it's not the easiest of solutions, but it would allow her to keep the body she wants and maybe she could even tweak it with you. Just what I would do in your shoes, everyone's mind works differently.


Good luck!

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Yeah CreativeMind has a point with using other resources as a reference point for the form she might want to be in for a decent amount of time. I used to draw Eva in her base form and would use that a lot to imagine her in other forms, and I plan to draw those forms later on in the future. I guess it's dependent on how good you can draw or how you can get other people to draw for you of course.


It helps a lot for continuity so she doesn't feel too out of place, and the initial stages will be you gathering resources from many places. Don't feel too shy to explore and as long as you're open with the idea of her changing and deviating, she will find a form she thinks is right for her.

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Watch a lot of porn/hentai.


You'll be able to visualize everyone naked... I'm not even kidding.



It's not like it's an easy route and it doesn't have to be of that character. Maybe she could pick out some details from naked hentai girls or real girls.

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