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In What Ways Has A Tulpa Improved Your Life?


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Bud is still very young, but from the beginning he didn't like me smoking tobacco. I don't smoke that often at any rate, a pack a week or sometimes every week and a half, but now I only smoke at work, which has brought my smoking down to some where closer to a pack a month because of my work being so spaced out.

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Cynthia was designed to be the better part of me or the part the person I always wish I was. Our forcing sessions are one of the things that help me the most. I feel... just really glad to have her when I'm forcing. It's a nice feeling; feels like everything is going to be great and that nothing could go wrong!

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Destiny has changed my life so much, she helps to calm me down when I need it, and with her around I always feel like I have someone to impress, so I've really cleaned myself up. The main thing that she's helped me with is that she constantly inspires me to draw, so my drawing skill has skyrocketed since she was created, a good thing seeing as I want to be an animator. :D

Tulpas: [Destiny], {Faith}, |Isaac|


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PalmersViews

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Lee has helped me immensely. I have terrible social anxiety and bipolar disorder that I'm no longer taking medication for (a personal choice.) Sometimes it's quite difficult for me to force myself to go to classes, do homework, socialize, etc. Lee helps just by being around; he's something constant in my life that I can rely on while living a life that, more often than not, has little to no consistency in it. I can always count on him to be around when I need him. (Some people probably wouldn't find a sentient being who thinks of himself as the Antichrist very comforting, but it works for us.)

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