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Something freaky happened the other night...

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I was lying down to go to sleep when I..I'll be honest, I'm

not entirely sure if this was just my mind playing tricks

on me or what..


But..I swear this is true, I felt someone..or something prodding

around on my chest while I was covered by blankets. It felt

like what a pet might do when they're trying to get comfortable

on you..


Maybe it was just my head but..when I opened my eyes, there

was nothing there, except the sensation persisted a while longer.

Infact, when I tried to turn over, it was actually was

raining on and off but I doubt that's the problem..


I've been working on my Tulpa for quite some time and I'm

starting to this a sign my work is starting to pay off?


What you guys think it was? Have any of you had similar events

happen to you? Cause I'm a little weirded out here...

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As acid romance said it was likely a sign of you falling asleep--something like sleep paralysis.


But it is a very nice idea to keep that feeling in mind for when you do start imposition work, you can understand how it will feel to develop touch imposition. Things like this are why I believe it is one of the easier sensations to develop.



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