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Reminiscent Narration

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Hey, this is a narration method I found myself doing a lot. I'm curious if any of you have done this in the past, because it comes kinda natural to me.


Often, it's quite boring to make sentences like: You're [personality trait] and will therefore [some action].


Often they appear without meaning to me.


So - What i usually do, is taking any kind of memory and retell it to my Tulpa. At some points which are interesting or appear to be right for this technique, I name the trait and state an action she would do in this situation.


As an example: ... and the first impression I had of him, was a very bad one. He had that pretentious grin on his face and was boasting about his abilities all the time. Well, I'm sure you, [Tulpa name], would have seen this completely different. Because you are empathic, you would have told me that he is just insecure about himself ...


What I find especially important about this is


- naming your Tulpa (definite recipient)

- naming personality trait

- not assuming action of Tulpa, but stating it as a fact


What I find beneficial for the personality-forming process, is that you (1) have a direct comparison to your own character, therefore it is easier to imagine (2) use old memories rather than making up stuff has a completely different dynamic (3) "energy" of old memory can be reused and put into Tulpa.

What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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...and this is what I like to see. Thanks for the contribution, this sounds like if done the right way, it can make personality work marginally more interesting. I only wish I was working on a tulpa so that I could try it out.

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