Update On My Progress

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So far, progress on my Tulpa, who has become

a Meloetta I've named Melody, is going quite well.


Now, before you go and jump down my throat of

basing my Tulpa off a preexisting character, I AM

trying to do things that set her apart from others,

make her one of a kind if you will.


One of the biggest things I've done is give her different

Elemental Forms she can use like Fire, Water, Electric, and Wind.


I'm up to the point where I'm assigning aspects of personality

to her..I'm also trying to visualize her in the real world and..I

think it's gradually working.


No really, the more time I spend visualizing, the more power she

gains..I know this may sound crazy but..I've been noticing glimpses of something in the corner of my eye the past week or two, and the more work I do..the more times I see them.


Also, this is just me but..I think she's been helping me in some ways, such as helping me stay focused on my studies for college, or giving me this "feeling" when I think of something, as if saying "don't do it, it's not worth it."


Like, the other week, I thought of going to the bookstore to buy a bag of chips and automatically, I got this weird feeling in my head that "it wasn't worth it", sure enough, when I got there, a line-up a mile long was there. Needless to say, I didn't go.


I haven't actually heard her speaking yet but I'm gradually getting there.


So, what you guys think? Do you think I'm making good progress?

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