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Tulpa's Practical Considerations for First Switching


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Why is this in off topic? I agree with the GAT that it would need to be distilled down and reformatted to be a proper guide, but as-is wouldn't it be more suited to general discussion?


^ Pretty much what I was thinking, was surprised to see this in Off Topic.


Also, in response to Zero, I too think it could be a good tips compendium, just not in its original format. As of v0.3 it already is starting to look and read better than the original.

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Well this isn't a guide and it will probably never be one, and it definitely isn't off-topic either.


The guys who wrote this have a weird definition of switching, but I don't think anything in this guide would be something that outright contradicts the definition used on .info.


This is basic. You know, so basic that even the younger tulpas would get most of this stuff without being told and if they don't, they're probably a bit too young/simple to really be even thinking of switching yet. Body control is a thing that does require practice and it's the thing that could really be dangerous even if you know to protect yourself, as a clumsy move the host probably would have not done could lead into an accident.


That's why I'm worried how this doesn't have the most important tip of them all: please practice before you start doing on your own, possess and have the host be there to help you if you are in trouble. Learn things first in a safe environment with someone who could prevent accidents from happening with their better control if you accidentally screw up, then start considering switching and truly being on your own without the host looking. This way we will minimize the risks.


Your choices of food are also irrelevant for us to know.


Could this go in tips and tricks? Maybe. But right now I feel like it's so simple and basic, it outright insults the reader's intelligence. And trust me, the tupper in my head sure was super simple and slow early on (and still?) and even he probably would have thought this stuff was obvious. Eh. What says the rest?

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I usually lay on the bed, with pillows on the headboard so that my shoulders are slightly raised (for typing) and head supported. I'm covered in a rug so I don't get cold, have a window open for ventilation and a lamp on in case of lighting variations (like cloud or nightfall). To support the laptop I use a miniature folded aluminum camping chair so I don't have to support the weight, but a tray table with legs or even a modified cardboard box will suffice.


Wear a blanket if you're cold? Turn on the lights if it's dark?



Have food and drink nearby so that it is in easy reach. I usually have something like a salad, chocolate (or cake) for the food, and ice coffee (my own blend*) and water for drink.

  • Consider investing in some Ensure (Hospital Formula) as you can live on that stuff for months on end. It's made in Spain and you can get it from drug stores or chemists (depending what they call those Dispensary shops in your country).


Stock up in the freezer on easily made food. (I usually have chips (french fries), hash browns, and "oriental" finger foods like spring rolls and samosas (vegetarian in my case). If you can type by possession you can likely also use the oven to bake these (prepare for the long term, just in case).)


Eat food if you're hungry?



I had to hold the wall in order to be able to walk. Make sure to remember to put clothes on (or a robe) before leaving your room. Yes, you are in a house (etc.), but it is best to take at least minimal precautions for unexpected house guests (cats in my case).


Support yourself if you can't walk properly? Put clothes on?



Remember to use mittens or gloves when handling hot things (oven, fries, plates) or sharp things (cats with claws, knives). When first switched you want to avoid injuring the body unintentionally with items and situations you are not yet familiar with.


Wear oven gloves when handling hot things?

Not sure you want to wear oven gloves while handling knives, that seems to increase the risk of accident significantly.



If you do need to speak with someone, chances are you can't yet speak out loud reliably when switched. Hence the pen and paper noted earlier, or use some hand signals and pantomime for "I can't speak at the moment" (this is my usual means of requesting cake from Kevin's kind wife, and it works surprisingly well).


Use alternative methods of communication if you can't speak?






I'm not trying to ridicule you here, but this is common sense: the guide. As far as I'm concerned it's redundant by default. In any case it isn't a guide or method or anything like that really. GD is probably the best place but maybe Nobillis could dictate terms on that?

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Approved for Resources.


I can't see this belonging in General Discussion as it's written like a guide, however it's more or less a guide to common sense for a tulpa switching for the first time - things that should be obvious to most people - and most tulpas that get to the point of switching should either get this via some shared knowledge/skills with the host, or if that happens to not be shared (out of choice or not), it should be something the host should work through with the tulpa, likely by first letting them do full-body possession and letting them get used to the world. By the time they're used to the world and can do things for a few days, I don't think they'll have that much trouble with switching.


I could see it being useful for those rarer tulpas who switch before learning full-body possession *and* who don't share enough commonsensical knowledge with the host.


However, as both waffles and Sands have said - this is all common sense and may also be the host's duty to make sure the tulpa will be able to handle themselves in the environment before leaving them alone in it - it's also the host's body and surely they should care to teach the tulpa how to properly handle it and themselves in the world, otherwise they could get in trouble. Not to mention, it's impossible to make a guide like this that will truly work for everyone as everyone's needs and situation is different - it's something that tulpa's host should know best and a guide can't cover every possibility.

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Guest Anonymous

Disapproved. You're over-thinking it. Really. If you can't move the body for some mysterious magic reason when you switch, sleep. It's the reset button for all mishaps.



p.s. Jealousy of your switching prowess.

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[Tri] This is in submission limbo so we are coming in, even though the last post was 2 years ago.


As it stands right now, we sadly have to Disapprove of it for Guides, Tips & Tricks, and Resources.


We say sadly because some of the things in it are not actually that obvious sometimes and we found the overall spirit and idea (thinking very carefully about everything needed for safety and comfort) to be immensely helpful when we were learning possession and progressing to full body (we read this in the summer of 2014 and still remember it fondly).


They are things that hosts take for granted and if a tulpa mostly possesses in front of a computer, they won't know until a small or large slip up unless the physics in one's wonderland/innerworld is pretty realistic and one has done many things there (it was there that we ourselves learned all too well how to be careful about hot things, sharp things, claws, etc. and how much they hurt (yes, pain exists in our wonderlands/innerworlds)). Things like knives, cats, hot objects, etc. If there is little to no memory sharing, then a tulpa may not know many things. It is also possible that when the host is inside, it is no longer possible or very difficult to access their memory in which case things that one knows while possessing may be suddenly unavailable. Also, we know more than a few who struggled to speak when they first switched or got full body possession, so that is an important thing to be prepared for. Even originals/hosts who have been inside for a long time can struggle with speech when they come back (first time switched back in, our original S, couldn't speak at all for a good 20 minutes). Also important to think about who will be around the house. For tulpas who have more experience leaving the room when possessing (assuming their host doesn't go completely dormant), they will likely learn a lot of this stuff gradually before hand. But some tulpas make a big jump in going out into the world, whether through possession or switching, and don't have their host their to help them or their host is too slow on some things. This is why this piece has use. It makes one think, encourages one to prepare and be careful, which are very important.Also, a very important thing is that the first switch or full body possession could happen on accident while one is still learning and not used to everything. Reading this early on in the process of learning body control (even if full control is not a goal) will help a tulpa in that situation play things cautiously and get by OK if such an occurrence happens.


But, this needs some polish. As others have said, a lot of the information in it is too personal. Now, some personal info can be a good thing. After all, one's own personal experiences are anecdotes for what to watch out for. Also, the main idea needs a bit more spelling out - that one needs to really think about safety and other things before one switches and make preparations. Also, might be useful to put down other things to prepare and know about that did not affect you yourself but others you know or can see happening in the future.


Due to these issues, we cannot approve it. If, however, it is edited further (we really really hope it is), then we will wholeheartedly change our vote and approve it for Tips & Tricks or Resources.

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I was initially unsure of what I could say about this one, as I have no real experience with switching, nor have plans to explore than sector of mind hacking.


But, after reading through this, I find myself agreeing with earlier comments saying that this is "Common sense: The guide". It's so practical and down to Earth that I cannot find much to contend with.


I'm not sure I'd regard this as a guide, as it tackles a very specific and small portion of the practice, so I'll give an approval for Resources.

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