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Imaginary Friends as Kids

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Have you had imaginary friends before making a tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Have you had imaginary friends before making a tulpa?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Yes, and they are now my tulpas

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I had a bunch of imaginary friends. They were all horses/fantasy horse things. One in particular "Silversteed," a white unicorn with "sapphire eyes, a mane and tail of spun silver, silver fetlocks, and silver hooves and horn" with bluish pearlescent highlights on his coat--he was the "main" one who lasted the longest. I've turned him into a book character and in some ways he could still be with me as a tulpa type thing. At one point I had like 25 different horse imaginary friends--I remember keeping their names on an index card and carrying it with me. But they didn't last as long as Silversteed. Domnopalus appeared after I'd grown up a bit, but in many ways embodies a similar kind of spirit that they did--but also is entirely more developed and with MUCH more depth of course, being a true tulpa.

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Guest Anonymous

Interesting, you would think that in a community like this the percentage of people with imaginary friends would have been at least 70%, but it is even less than in the general population.


Also to those of you who "tried to make an imaginary friend but failed", aren't imaginary friends just and imagined friend, that you can make in a split second?

They aren't supposed to talk for themselves.

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Actually some of them do talk on their own, have complex personalities and so forth. Some are well into what we would probably call a fully formed tulpa. See http://whatisatulpa.tumblr.com/post/21400525999/imaginary-companions-and-the-children-who-create-them since I can't find the link for the study I had seen.


I never bothered making an imaginary friend. Nobody told me they could be anything more than just me pretending there was somebody in front of me and making up things for them to do and say. It just didn't strike me as having any real point.

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Guest Anonymous

Mhm, good point, but still you don't need to do much more than picture a pony in front of you and let it talk, and you got yourself an imaginary friend.

If they do talk for themselves that's awesome (and probably what we could call a tulpa), but if they don't it doesn't mean one has failed at making one.

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Since I basically had no friends in primary school and was pretty lonely, I had like 5 imaginary friends; the one I remember most vividly is Summer, she was a bubble fairy (I had this whole fantasy world made up in my mind and bubble fairies were just a kind of two fairies, I don't remember the other kind) and I remember imagining her with strawberry blonde hair and a pretty flower headband. Now that I think about it, I don't think that Summer talked, I would ask her questions and not expect her to answer or even imagine her answering so she was probably mute. The only other imaginary friend I remember was called Kelly (I think) but that's all I know about her. I also had a few 'horses'; I remember my main one was called Twilight or maybe Starlight or something but I think it was the first one and she was black and liked eating daffodils. The others were one I don't remember the name of who I gave to my cousin Emily when we were playing and another one called Dazzle which was brown. I also had one incident when there was girl I met in the playground with white hair and glasses who played with me at lunchtime once, two years later I asked a few teachers if a girl with white hair ever went to our school and they said no so I guess I was really vividly hallucinating or something, still trying to figure that out.

(Sorry for my bad writing skills, I'm not good at writing)


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