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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Well hello there everyone! I just have to say in advance that I suck with introductions so bear with me.

Okay so I created Yui, my first tulpa on March 28th (actually it could be 27th, since when I created her it was night,but her b-day is gunna be on 28 anyway.), 'bout 2 months ago, and she's like the best thing ever that happened in the past years.

Now, progress? Well, she's not vocal, in a way. I mean, today I think she spoke the first sentences, but that could be me parroting, but it could be her talking on her own as well. I'm gonna talk with her before I go to bed -which is the only time when I can really force, the rest of the day is too much noise.- and I'll see tomorrow.


Note: I'm called Neversync on Reddit, for those few people that could possibly know me.

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Hi!! Umm well I'm entirely new to all this tulpa stuff but I think it sounds really amazing and I'm on my way to creating my own! (I actually had just started today.)

Well my name is Alex, and my tulpa is Niko, and he's a dragon (or at least I hope he turns out that way xD). He's actually the one in my profile picture! Umm well I found out about tulpae from another forum, a few people were talking about it and I didn't really know what it was, so I did a lot of research and I honestly think this is an amazing thing.

I've had a few tulpa-like things before in my life, although they were more imaginary friends than anything else, but Niko will be my first official tulpa :D.

Well, I don't really know what else to write so I'll end it here, but I hope I can become a part of this community because you all seem really nice c:

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Hey, I'm not sure how to start, but after lurking a few days I figured I would just go for it....


I stumbled upon tulpamancy after searching for information on my companion. When I was 19 (I am now in my early 30s), I started seeing and communicating with... something. It had a form, which started off as just a hooded cloak. It spoke to me and interacted with me. Being young, I kept this to myself for fear of being schizophrenic. I can recall I've tried since childhood to -pardon my wording- think a friend into existence.


Discovering this forum and learning more about tulpas is indescribable for me. I look forward to reading about tulpamancy and what other members have to share.


Oh, I'm Adrian, by the way. :)

Have you hugged your tulpa today?

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Hi, I've just discovered Tulpas after doing research on Wiccan deities - I read that some consider deities to be a sort of "thoughtform", and that term brought me to the Tulpa community.


I am not sure if I want to create a tulpa yet; if I do I want to make sure I am well-prepared before creating a sentient being. I am also an otherkin and not sure how that would affect my tulpa if I choose to create one.

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Lots of new people so I'll just blanket - welcome everyone! Hope to see you around! Any questions your not sure about posting feel free to PM me if you want, I'll do what I can to answer em'.


happy forcing!

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Hi, I'm a guy who'll hopefully get into making a tulpa.

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Icy Dice

Hello even tho i do consider myself a fan of mlp I had really first heard of tulpa from the lucid dream community. One of the members asked if if was possible to lucid dream with their tulpa and at first I had no idea what tulpa were. And at first i thought he was talking about a real person, so I was really confused on how that was possible. After doing my research I've learn about tulpa. Now I'm really intrerested in making a tulpa maybe even several. I would love to have some friends in my head to just be constantly there for me. I move quite often so i never have kept a best friend for longer then 2 years. I have started today with my tulpa who will be a cheerful girl plant humanoid named Alexis who will hopefully share the joy of nature with me. And if I make her successfully I will move on to create a nerdy anthro wolf guy who has almost the opposite personality as Alexis and will enjoy learning new things as much as I do. They probaly won't turn out exactly as I imagine them but their companionship will be very much appreciated.

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Just found this place through draconic.org. I figured it fit when most of it sounded like when I roleplay a character I have. Never thought this was real, interesting place.

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Lord Tourettes

Hellur. I'm Grace, a 16 year old girl in the process of making a tulpa based off of Lord Tourettes from D!ck Figures. Been working on him since June 2. Nice to meet you all!

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I apologize if I didn't have time to introduce myself. Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa better nicked as NovaIce since the "Battlenet" of the Internet of Starcraft. I just turned 25 this month. I am a game designer. Though my path in life often lead me here, it wasn't until about four days ago and my Thoughtform/Tulpa "Evan" gave me permission to seek more professionals or a community that could help as I was unknown to several techniques.


I posted about him here: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-personality-tulpa-choosing-their-own-form


That being of my first post, I know I am not a professional myself. I am only human. Like any of us here. It's just that it's good to know that even after all these years people are still gathered here, willing to be open minded! I hope to get to know those willing and make myself a part of this community!


Thanks again for allowing me to join!


(Those interested in my game can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-Legend-Tale-of-the-Mursan-Knights/758233377628533 Kickstarter will be this month and I'm so excited!)



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