Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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I'm not really new, per se. I'm active on Tulpa.IO and Leon is active on reddit, but I just lurk around here. Thought it was about time to say hi.

We've been a system for 14ish years, and only recently found out about tulpamancy (last august I believe). I had never known what to call these people I saw and was shocked that other people had similar experiences.


I'm Max, the original/host. My central systemmates who could potentially post are Leon, Ben, and Amber. I have other peripheral systemmates as well. I say 'systemmate' in lieu of distinguishing intentional tulpa vs. walk-in vs. soulbond vs. NPC because ain't nobody got time for that. Also, we're all equal in status here and I feel that using terms to describe ourselves would undermine that status for some.


Glad to be here.... er, glad to say hi finally.

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You know, it makes me wonder; if a thoughtform is inferior (because there is a thing such as inferiority in this world) in some ways to a tulpa, is it not hypocritical to call it a tulpa instead of, like, a headmate? Because if it falls under that category, there is a matching term that encloses a definition. If it holds differences that you, the host, are aware of, why try to hide them? There is more relief in knowing your wrongs than having people smiling at you telling that it's all good. Even if it undermines of others, the west is pushed in a consistent way to fear arrogance and force modesty upon others. If you think you're superior to someone and if you feel like you can instill it without people taking it too seriously and without blowing it out of proportions, where's the wrong in it? And recognizing inferior points within yourself gives more modesty than 'I would rather not undermine of anyone's value'. But that's just what I think. Anyway, enjoy your stay or whatever it is you intend to do on here.

A wise man once said: 'Before judging a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away, and you've got new shoes.'


Graced are those who could avoid this phenomenon. This is perhaps the worst expression of evil in humanity's history, but who am I to judge?

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If asked theres nothing wrong with specifying a thoughtform's origins, I just don't care to do it all the time so I use systemmate as a blanket term. Also I personally think the common use of the term "tulpa" is culturally appropriative. I'm not gonna entertain a debate about that.

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