Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hello! New guy here.

I found this community about a month ago, and people here seemed nice, so I decided to join.

I'm not a native English speaker(and never used a forum like this before)so it might be a bit akward for me. So please understand, no angry yelling please ;_;

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Hello everyone! I'm Ellenorah, but you can call me Ellie or my username, FalconRift.


I was told about Tulpas and tulpa-making today by one of my friends who is a user in this forum. He told me about it and then I decided to dig a little deeper and do some research. He directed me to this site and I have learned a lot so far.


I have created a Tulpa, but not consciously. She kinda just appeared out of nowhere and she had caused a warm feeling on the front/top of my physical brain. I still feel the warmth now, its an interesting feeling. She has not been speaking English to me very much but she does communicate through thought-like complex emotions. I don't know if there is a word for that here but basically that's how she communicates with me. She calls herself Isabella, or Isa for short.


I hope to learn and grow from this site, and Isa says she does too. I'll see you around the forum! :D

Tethys: Host

Isabella (Separate Account)


"Welcome to my mind, welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole."

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