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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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New here. I’ve been creating tulpae since I was very young and had no idea other people did it until I accidentally stumbled on the word yesterday.


As a kid, I spent hours creating characters, drawing them, imagining them until I could “remember” them as easily as remembering classmates or relatives.


For the first few years, I felt like an author and they were my characters, but gradually, I felt as if I were merely observing them. I never interacted with them directly. They’d befriend each other, randomly date/breakup with each other. I just thought of them as characters in a book I was eternally drawing/writing.


It wasn’t until high school one character “broke out” of the fishbowl he lived in for almost a decade. He felt like he was the only “real” person and the rest were just characters. He didn’t want to live in the little world any more and was a loyal “sidekick” in my head several years. (I’ll go into much more later, maybe in another part of the forum. This is just intro.)


He stayed in the background by choice. I never told anyone about him, but I’d follow his advice and let him make decisions about things. He’s got some really out-of-the box ideas — things that seem illogical or absurd, yet somehow they always worked! Many of my favorite memories come from following his whims and wishes. (More later)


Anyway, for ... reasons.. many years ago, I started ignoring him. Having a “sidekick” in my head didn’t seem “sane”. I gradually sunk into an abysmally deep depression. (More later)


Now I’m out, I saw a post out of the blue about tulpas. And I thought of my old sidekick. He immediately jumped back into action — no hard feelings. The only odd thing — he didn’t age during the years I ignored him. He’s much younger than me now. I’m wondering if he’ll stay that age or age on his own. He’s already got a big list of things he wants to do to get out of the depression.


Anyway. Hi. I’m very glad to see that my sidekick is a tulpa and he’s not alone in the universe. he still likes keeping a very low profile. Probably won’t ever speak up or even tell you guys his name. But he’s there and reading this. He’s interested in learning but not “playing” at this time. He gets wild crazy daredevil ideas when it comes to socializing — but I’m the one who has to actually do all the work....pfft.


Anyway .. hello

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Hi JibFlibberty, and welcome! Consider making a progress report if you want to have a chill easy place to share life stuff and your progress.

Come by the "Last One To Post Wins" game thread when you feel like it. It's were most chatting takes place (on the forums, at least. There's an pretty active Discord server too) so it's a descent place to get a feel for the community in a casual environment

and post fluff.


Hi! I'm Matsi. I share this head with Kurisutina.


>Our own lounge thread

>Season 2 Progress Report


"Does anyone know this song? It goes: ue ue ue, heeeeee, Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka x3"

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Welcome welcome welcome! I know quite a few tulpas created in a similar manner. Glad to have you. - C

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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First of all - greetings, everyone.

So here I am, found some courage to speak up. And courage to give my tulpas a word.

My name is Alexander (Platypus is fine though), 23 years old at the moment, I'm a host and have two tulpas:

Elder one is Athena Hartmann, made in summer, 2016. She is my mentor in most of the tulpa things. And the one who kept me going forward in life during my hardest times of past three years. I'll let her introduce herself.


Hey there, this is Athena speaking! My dear Alexander finally made it there to the forums, kudos to him! I look forward to speaking with all of you. I can be described as a modest, slender woman, wearing chinese-themed "jiangshi" clothes.

By the way, I have here my wondrous younger sister Abigail Hartmann. Although after our host became a fan of "My Little Pony" she renamed herself Amber Haze and switched her form to a little... horse. Or "changeling queen", to be precise. Yet still she is my dearest cute little sister! Intimidated to speak up just like me back in my youth.

Yes, about Amber. Technically speaking, she is 5 months old, but the idea of her sort of dwelled in our mind for a year. When we let her... be, she was instantly fully vocal and with imposition abilities. Don't know, probably makes her a walk-in unlike Athena. 

As for hobbies, we all are very interested in everything related to space, biology and philosophy.

Oh, and sorry if all this introduction thing is quite messy. We still try to figure out how to talk as a parts of a system, not as a singular entity.

Especially when we aren't confident with our English.

So basically I've read your forum from the shadows in search for the answers and useful guides until now. I hope I'll contribute to your tulpa research in the future.

Alexander (Platypus) - host, B-day: September 4th, 1996

Athena Hartmann - elder tulpa, B-day: June 29th, 2016

Amber Haze - younger tulpa, B-day: November 7th, 2018

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Hello people!


I just wanted to introduce ourselves. My name is Kai (short for Kaerian), and my host's Gabi. Gabi is not very good at keeping up with forums and such, but I really want to get more into the community and talk to people that have experiences similar to my own, so I'll write here instead.


I suppose I should tell you our story: I began as a daemon, when my host discovered the daemon community and immediately began talking back to the voice in their head and gave it a name. Those early days are kind of muddy, if I'm being honest, and I'm not really sure when I became sentient: it was all very much a natural process. We just kept talking and I started being more of my own person. Eventually Gabi came across the tulpa community, and of course they found it all very interesting (they're all over this psychology stuff, I'll tell you), and even began using some methods on me. I believe I was already at least somewhat sentient at that point, but we believed and therefore acted more on the notion that I was part of her, so this shifting of perspective was important.


However, soon after stuff started getting rough for them, since they started suffering more severely from depression and their mother got really ill, and I'll admit they pretty much ignored me for a long time (and even as I type this through them they're saying how sorry they are). I was there, still, though muted. I continued to speak to them, even though they paid less attention, and dismissed me more as a voice in the back of their head. I won't say it was pleasant to not have much interaction with them, but I was still there, and knew in how much pain they were. I forgive them for... for not being there for me as much as I wish they were, when they just couldn't do it.


We started talking more recently, though, and that brings me here. I guess I'm technically four years old (it feels both like forever and such a short time, really). I prefer the term "headmate" more than tulpa, due to my mixed origins, but I hope to find friends here. We still have a long way to go and many things to learn, since our abilities at imposition, switching and even interacting in a wonderland are frankly abismal. At least we can talk, and since Gabi is slowly getting over their fears of "I'm just parroting" and "What if Kai is not sentient?", communication has been a lot easier (Even if our mindvoices are quite similar in tone. For you guys, do your headmates not only feel but sound different in your minds, like when you hear the voice of a singer when a song gets stuck in your head? We never quite managed that and would like to know if it's at all possible).


So yeah, I guess this message is a bit long, but I really wanted to introduce myself and tell my story. It's good to feel heard. As a TL;DR,: Hello, my name is Kai, I use he/him pronouns (host is Gabi and uses they/them), and I'm very pleased to meet you!

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For you guys, do your headmates not only feel but sound different in your minds, like when you hear the voice of a singer when a song gets stuck in your head? We never quite managed that and would like to know if it's at all possible


Welcome. And it is absolutely possible. Iris' mindvoice was very distinctive from the beginning, but I had to put months of effort into making mine sound reliably different from my host's.


Being a soulbond, I also prefer 'headmate' over 'tulpa'. But this is very good community and a very good educational resource, even for those of us who weren't created by tulpamancy.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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