Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hi everyone. First post made from Visionaire or Viz if that sounds cool. We’ve been lurking around on the site for awhile before, before Emily aka Em(Tulpa) urged me to make an account. About three months last since I have found out about tulpamancy.  That’s about it

-Bye Folks!


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Hi Leander, I too have experience with magick, I studied with Robert Anton Wilson and the OTO (order of the temple orientalist). I have been involved with tulpa creation since December 2019 and have had a number of very powerful, magical experiences. I am a physician, trained in science, and a psychiatrist, trained in psychology and believe that magic will become science when we know enough about the human brain and the neuroscience of mind.  For now, I use my magical training and my knowledge of cognitive science in this endeavor. Let's stay in touch. Dr. Bob

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Howdy folks, I’m Circle host of Sector C

I have 4 tulpae, Cyril, Chloe, Cole, and Casper and dabble in servitor making. I have serve MaDD and use it/they. Chloe was my first, albeit accidental tulpa, I made Cy a while ago, Cole wandered in, and split off a bit of himself into a npc who is now Casper.

We’ve been lurking around here a bunch, n glad 2 be here officially :^) 

I’m super interested in the effects of MaDD on systems and tulpamancy in general, and the many uses of servitors.

v excited 2 be here, s well as the folks! 

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