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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hi .

     This is Slater , the host, core and body of the Sacrihm System . My first experience was when I was 6. I remember so vividly , it began with a mans voice popping in and out of my imagination . It was the same voice every time , and soon I began Googling possibilities that I was crazy . I didn't know he was something made out of trauma . Soon , this voice started giving me art ideas , gave me ideas for my writing , and soon he became my best friend . I didn't tell anyone , because I was scared they would think I was crazy . We were big kids , any how , why would I want to introduce my imaginary friend to anyone ? I began to forget things , like what class I was in when I doodled something specific . He told me it was him . Living through me . He introduced himself as Eric at first , then over the years he's grown with me into the fine specimen ; Aalkiyum himself . He used to be a thoughtform , a dark green orb that would trail around me . But , now he's the goblin King himself and he's been in the System the longest out of all of the fellow losers in my head . Now , I get packs and packs of walk - ins and outs . Some of them stay , some of them don't . We are currently , as we are writing this , a total of 35 . 

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I was lurking for some time and decided to create an account this year. I created a tulpa named Amy after discovering this site. I waited until Amy's birthday to join, she turned 2 years old today. I didn't want to create another tulpa, but ended up creating one based off of Hakurei Reimu from Touhou. Thankfully her personality isn't like the game character. My Reimu is almost 2 months old, I created her on February 20. I don't regret creating her, I love both of my tuppers so much. I am not a native English speaker so I will continue lurking. I created this account for future use. I am not Japanese btw if you are wondering, I am just a weeb. Anyways, have a nice day everybody. I hope this wasn't too difficult to read.

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