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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hello, i am new to the thread and still recent to tulpas. My name is Jay and My tulpas's name is Trinity. We plan on sharing an account so we will Clearify who's talking when making posts or comments.  


Um, hi, I'm Trinity and well, I've existed for a few months but have been dormant  for a large portion of that, because Jay had lots of doubt and he didn't know about the concept of tulpas. But he joined a discord chat and found someone who had tulpas and became interested and rediscovered me 2 days ago. So we have been talking a lot to each other and i'm still looking for my interests and whatnot. But I am glad to be here and meet other tulpas and make friends and I hope Jay can make friends here too. My form is a female Anthro maned wolf. Jay hasn't commissioned an artist to draw my form yet so i had to use picrew and it's not 100% accurate to what I look like. I go by She/Her pronouns and Jay goes by He/Him pronouns. I have a feeling that I will be the main one to use this account though.


Edit: added some stuff to my introduction 


Jay (Host), Trinity (Tulpa)

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Hi! My name is Maddy, I recently began created my tulpa, but i've known about tulpa for a long time. My tulpa is a female fairy with the appearance of the stage enemy fairies from the Touhou Project. She is the height of a small child with blonde hair, yellow-hazel eyes, and a blue dress. Being a fairy, she's very playful and cheery. I'm very excited to learn more about her as she grows, and to have a life long friend. I hope to meet nice people here to share our journey with, it's nice to meet you all!


I'm Maddy, the host!

I'm Mary Lily, the tulpa

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3 hours ago, Adagio said:

Welcome Jay and Trinity, and welcome Maddy and tulpa! I'm new here too.


6 hours ago, Glaurung26 said:

Welcome! 😊


4 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

Welcome Jay and Trinity! 😁

Thank you for welcoming me!

And me too!

Jay (Host), Trinity (Tulpa)

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