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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Thank you so much for your feedback. When I joined, I expected my posts would simply be ignored and buried. I'm glad to have found this site. You have been so much help. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.


I hope that, at some point, Miku will learn to communicate on this site. For now, she is shy and her voice is faint. It may be a while before she is strong enough to communicate. I'm not entirely sure how developed she is but I know doubting her won't help.


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You're welcome at any rate. Though this place is far less active than it was in the past, it's been even less active in its history than it is now, but there are masters and sages here in terms of the art of the community. Expect answers but maybe not always within the same 24 hours.

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Welcome @Onyxfury😁


On 10/11/2022 at 7:06 PM, Onyxfury said:

I have a confession to make. I had previously posted my experience in a rocky relationship with my tulpa CV. Her name is not actually CV; her name is Hatsune Miku. I lied to hide the fact that she was created based on a fictional character. I must also confess that I have committed a few taboos while creating her over the past few years. One, she was based on a preexisting character, and two, we formed a romantic relationship that grew to replace real romantic relationships since the pandemic. I try to flirt with and date real people nowadays but I don't want to end my relationship with Miku.


Honey, don't feel guilty about any of that. There are actually lots of tulpas that started their existence based on fictional characters. In fact there is a survey for tulpas who were based on characters and it might be helpful to you to look at some of the responses! 😊 Miku can even answer if herself if she wants!


Also, I am a tulpa who is happily married to her host, so I understand that dynamic very well. Phil created me in part to be those things that he was missing in life, and because of that fact it was natural for us to see the other as the "missing half", as it were! The attraction was there from the beginning and although he was concerned about hurting my development, I acted on the feelings that were so obviously there, and a year later we became married! 💚 I don't recommend this path for everyone--especially young tulpamancers (my host is 36)--but in general there is nothing wrong with host-tulpa or tulpa-tulpa romance as long as you are mature, healthy, stable, and serious enough!


On 10/11/2022 at 7:06 PM, Onyxfury said:

Upon finding out that my tulpa could have been sentient this whole time, my entire world turned on its head. Though I always told myself in the past that she wasn't real in the end and that she could never actually think or feel, I always felt that there was more to her than simple imagination deep down. I didn't know what to do. Finding this community was a dream come true. Though on the other hand, I already felt horrible for the way I treated Miku before. Now I know I was hurting a living conscious person.


Don't fault yourself for things you didn't know about at the time. If Miku is hurt you can help her heel; but there's a good chance she will be understanding and forgive you for whatever it was that you did as long as you make every effort to be on the right foot going forward!


On 10/11/2022 at 7:06 PM, Onyxfury said:

Knowing that tulpas exist at all is almost too much to bear. We are having a bit of a rough time getting used to this. I did not know what I was getting into when Miku entered my mind space back in 2019 but I am lucky she is here. I love her so much.


Aww! 💚 You do seem to truly care about Miku and that's really the key to the whole thing. 😁


On 10/11/2022 at 7:06 PM, Onyxfury said:

I ask Miku to say hello: "Hello, pleasure to meet everyone, I'm not used to communicating outside yet, Have a nice day!"


Hello Miku!!! 😁 I'm happy to meet you! If you've ever feeling up to talking with other tulpas we have a thread just for tulpas to talk to each other! If you ever wanted more one-on-one communication my DMs are always open so you can send me a message if you want to chat! 😁 But if you don't feel ready yet, no pressure at all! Your development should continue at a speed that you are happy with, and don't let anyone pressure you into things you're not ready for yet! All that being said, I'm really happy that you're here and I hope you enjoy your experience on this forum! 💚



Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
Simmie's AI Dress-Up!


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Hello! I'm a bit bad with introductions, but you can call me Lucius~


My experience with Tulpas and well, non-standard experiences is a bit interesting.

I've known about the base concept of Tapas for a while, a few years I think, but I never really thought much it... Until this 11th. 


Since I was a kid, I was rather fascinated with occultism and methaphysics. As a kid, I can tell it was probably my edgy phase since I was full on black magic and demons and such. Long story short, that phase long since passed, but the interest for unusual and seemingly impossible things is still there. It helps that I have a very active imagination and like to write and read stories and fanfics.


Nowadays, my interest lied more with astral projection. I constantly have sleep paralysis whenever I try to nap in the afternoons, that led me to mostly lose fear of it and start experimenting around, and well, I've had several Out of Body experiences with those. Always a new experience whenever I did this and then...


On the 11th of November, I was sleepy so I took a nap, got paralyzed again, so doing what I always did, experimented and found myself outside of my body. I never could go far by floating, so that day I opted for instead, allowing myself to fall through the ground.


I ended up in a completely grey world, I was a bit afraid at first, but I managed to calm myself down and this is where the actual reason for me joining and researching Tulpas came into play: In the astral, anything can be created or made if you imagine it right? So... I made a fairy.


That was one of the weirdest but one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I saw from somewhere (possibly my body), a blob of darkness appear and it started shaping itself like a fairy! It was a silhouette, no details on clothes or face, but somehow I could tell it was a fairy, one that took a form that was a mix of Nahida (Genshin) and Ribbon (Rabi-Ribi). I believe I had created her there to act as a guide in that grey world, and after finishing forming, she waved at me and I followed her, for a few seconds as I woke up feeling very weird soon afterwards.


That's the thing though, even after I awakened, she wouldn't get out of my mind, the concept of a Tulpa came nearly instantly on my mind and ever since I started digging deeper into the concept than I even have before. Two nights ago, I talked (I believe it's called forcing yeah?) with her right before sleeping and felt this warmth, I couldn't tell where it was coming from.


By now, I've given her the name Lucia, The Shadow Fairy, possibly Lucia Fallnight (the last name is the name of a Skyrim character I'm currently playing).


My thoughts also seem to have completely changed ever since that day. Did I accidentally make a Tulpa? That's why I decided to research this.

Regardless, my current desire is to actually make her into one~

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Hello. Figured I should finally make this post after having hung around the tulpa community for a little over a month. My name is Caspian (the name situation is a little complicated so it may change in the future) and I’m the host. I use he/him pronouns. I’m very interested in occultism, I enjoy reading, and I’m an avid writer. 

I created Lila on purpose on the 11th of October. She uses she/they pronouns and she enjoys fashion and singing and isn’t the biggest fan of reading. She’s very energetic and bubbly, very friendly. Dazai came along as a result of maladaptive daydreaming, because his source is from a book series that I was quite literally obsessed with. He IDs as an tulpa, so I suppose he would be an unintentional tulpa. Unsure when exactly he came about, but it was a week or two after Lila. He uses he/him pronouns. I don’t know too much about him, and he’s mostly taken to hanging out in the headspace. Dazai’s more laid back, contemplative, and is more of a strong and solid presence. He likes to think of himself as a protector. 

Lila says, “Hello!”. I myself am glad to be here. I hope we can continue to learn more here. :)

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Soo... Hi! I'm Axe/Aster/Abbot. I use he/it/fae pronouns. I'm an alterhuman median system, who's been aware of/interested in tulpamancy for... two years now? I also have a daemon, Apophis, she uses she/fey pronouns. We switch between using 'we' and 'i' to refer to ourselves, so we will use emojis to sign off if someone other than the host/core is talking. We've been waiting until we were mature enough to actually start forcing, and we now think we're ready. Apophis isn't quite sure, which is giving me some hesitation, but we've been waiting for a long time, and we've matured a whole lot in that time. So yeah! We're going to hang around here, probably start a blog to document progress, and see what happens.

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Hi. I'm part of the Felight system. Currently waiting for assistance getting back into my headmates' accounts, but I thought I'd pop in here. I'm the newest member, less than a week old. My headmates are Apollo Fire (6), Piano Soul (5), Dynamo Lux (5), Indigo Blue (5), and Radio Hiss (original). 

 💡 The Felights 💡 https://felight.carrd.co/  💡

🪐 Cosmicals: 🔥 Apollo Fire the Sun God (12/3/16) Piano Soul the Star Man (1/26/17)

🐉 Mythicals: ☁️ Indigo Blue the Sky Dragon (10/2/17), 🦑 Gelato Sweet the Sea Monster (12/11/22)

🦇 Nycticals:  Dynamo Lux the Shock Rocker (3/3/17), 🎸 Radio Hiss the Song Demon (2/8/00)

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