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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hello everybody, my name is TheInogroffer. I have been watching these forums for about 6 months accountless, waiting for my schedule to free up so I could start forcing my first tulpa. I am on day 7 and I figured I would post an introduction. I think highly of this community, and I hope to be able to contribute in the future!


"Take all of my advice with a grain of salt"

Progress Report Here

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I've been lurking the forum for a few weeks.


When I first created Kaya, she appeared for a few days like a floating ball of light, like Navi.


It's been more or less two weeks. And I'm sure that she talked to me on Monday. She may have talked to me earlier, but this time I'm sure that it was her. She told me that this week the Friday is the 13rd. I didn't know that, I felt very weird when I looked in a calendar and saw it was true. That's why I knew it was her.

Name: Kaya

Form: Teen girl, about 1,65m, black hair

Date of Creation: 11/27/13

Progress Report

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Hi, complete newbie here.


So I've known about the concept of tulpae for a couple of years now, but yesterday was the first day I properly considered creating one. I read through a handful of guides yesterday evening and spent about half an hour coming up with traits/form for it before starting to direct these traits towards it. I obviously was not expecting any results from the first session and did not get any.


This morning though, for whatever reason, I wasn't happy with the form I had chosen (it was humanoid, but polygonal, like an old computer graphic design, made up of lots of triangles) and I recast it as a similar size/shape/build, but smoother. Thinking a simple "hello" towards it, I was hit by a combination of happiness and sadness. I gathered that emotional responses are often an early form of communication, but is it at all possible that in such a short time, I could be getting a response?

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I'm Ricochet,I'm 23 and I've been working on a Tulpa called Nadia since September.


I knew about Tulpae in 2012 thanks to /mlp/ and FAQ_man.


I used to be very skeptic but now I'm trying to do one because the whole thing its mind-blowing for me.


About Nadia,I'm still in the visualization phase but I'm excited about the entire process of making a Tulpa.


I'm still reading guides daily,forcing daily and doing research.


That's it!

Don't be fooled by my avatar! Twilight is best pone,but my Tulpa is human.


Age:17 (I think)

Form:Young Girl,Black hair,tall.

Still in visualization process.



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Hi everybody. My username is dead_aim_save (and by my avatar you can probably tell I'm a Resident Evil fanatic). I picked it because today and yesterday once I started tulpamancy I've been listening to the

but slowed down 800% with a program I have.


I'm trying to make a Human Tulpa named Rebecca. I am an artificial intelligence student and am always interested in learning about how our brain works, how it works with our environment and our bodies, and how consciousness and personality arises. When I heard about Tulpas on 4chan yesterday, I spent the rest of the day reading about it.


I'm a bit of a loner and introspective person by nature. I can be very social but I like generally working alone and spending time doing what I enjoy and most of those things (programming, music, gaming) etc are what I do alone. The idea of a Tulpa as a companion formed by my subconscious as a companion that I could grow with is fascinating for me both on a personal level, and for my interest in artificial intelligence.


I hope that this will be a rewarding and interesting journey.


Nice to meet you guys!

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I gathered that emotional responses are often an early form of communication, but is it at all possible that in such a short time, I could be getting a response?


Yep! Some even smile the very first day (that was my experience). Welcome to the community.


The idea of a Tulpa as a companion formed by my subconscious as a companion that I could grow with is fascinating for me both on a personal level, and for my interest in artificial intelligence.


Do you know what an analog heuristic algorithm is? *Grin*


Many of us came here from 4chan. Welcome.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Hello, Everyone! The [user]name's Alestinvus, but you can call me "Tin" for short.


I went more in-depth into Tulpas not too long ago, I've started maybe two or three days ago, and I'm hoping for it to be a very rewarding and insightful ride. Really want this to mean something, now that I've dedicated myself to it. I've known about Tulpas for a while, only the very idea behind it, for say about 5 or 6 months. I've decided to start on it recently to go onto a journey of self-enlightenment, Self-Improvement, and hopefully to gain a close companion in a tough world.


After my experiences in the Lucid Dreaming Community, I don't find the concept of Tulpas to be very nonsensical at all. I've been Lucid Dreaming for about 4 years now, and it's been quite a wild bunch of rides. It's really how I found out about Tulpas, after having a late night discussion with some friends who lucid dream as well. One thing led to an other, and here I am, writing this intro out to all of you.


On a more personal level, I like to be very laid back and relaxed, and I typically keep to myself. However, I'm not afraid to speak with like-minded or open individuals. Interaction is healthy, after all. I wouldn't like to speak about it much right now, but I'm creating a Human Tulpa, her name is Tylene. I'm taking it a bit slow, and planning on letting her develop her own form and personality, but with just a few guidelines thrown in.


I'm glad to join this community! Hopefully we can come to know each other with time.

It's just the beginning.

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Hey everyone! I made this account almost a year ago, but it took me this long to work up the nerve to post anything. I'm a lurker by nature, and it was difficult to get past the "no don't talk about it everyone will think you're crazy" mindset.


I've had something similar to a tulpa for as long as I can remember. an imaginary friend with a personality and presence completely separate from myself. We've both been talking about it for a while, and we're both very interested in exploring tulpamancy, and applying concepts from it to whatever it is we have now. although she's been around for a very long time, she's still kind of...vague. I guess because I've never really made an effort to strengthen her presence.


I'm also very excited to meet some like-minded people. Honestly I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there's a whole community focused on this, I never imagined I'd be able to find even one person who wouldn't find the whole thing totally insane.

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Hi, i am Zetazero (no shit sherlock)


i come from italy and i discovered this website/forum almost 1 year ago, since that day i started to work on Domino, my tulpa.


I hated this place, a lot. Because i followed 1000000000000000000 guides without having nothing. Then i "ragequitted" and i started to follow my personal rules, and bum. After a month i have this little idiot roaming in my head XD


Now after 3-4 month of nothing, no forcing etc. I returned to give another try.


For now Domino is just a "mindvoice" with a lot of visualizzation (without hallucinations), but she did possession by mistake (i guess). so now we want to improve ourselves.

expect a lot of questions >:D



btw here is domino (attention! pony tulpa, im sorry to be a carcinogen ponyfag but i could not resist. Sorry again)


this is an early version, now her eyes are blue.

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